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Kavallerie-Degen, Husaren-Regiment 15

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This private purchase KD 89 with presentation blade of Husaren-Regiment Königin Wilhelmina der Niederlande (Hann.) Nr.15
from Wandsbek was offered to me recently by a visitor to the Museum, thinking that perhaps the Museum might like to purchase it.
However the Museum is in posession of two even better examples, but I expressed interest for my own private collection. The weapon is not "top", but reasonable, the blade is good and has the regimental inscription and battle honours and without any major flaws, with original leather blade buffer (Stoßleder).  There is a maker's mark of W.K.C.  The other parts, scabbard, hand guard (Stichblatt) and other metal parts have been "buffed up" at some time, and I think they been re-nickeled a long time ago, the scabbard repainted, but well done and no rust.
The worst issue is the hand guard, which is just very slightly out of alignment, when folded down, and also the Hohenzollernwappen has been completely erased from the eagles breast. The underlying metal is of iron, as it is weakly magnetic. The Hohenzollernwappen could be re-engraved if desired, but it would have to be a skilled engraver. Otherwise, no major issues.
My theory is that the weapon has been worn for many years for occasional re-unions, etc. and probably belonged to one of the more prominent members of the Husaren-Verein, which would explain the condition it is in, well worn, but kept clean.
Not a brilliant piece, but of regimental significance. Apart from that, I think the present owner, who is a weapon collector, is asking a bit much for the weapon - 400 Euros and is not prepared to go down in price, a collector, who also speculates and trades.
The sword has been deposited in the Museum until paid off, the present owner says he is not waiting for the money, just pay in your own time, we have agreed.
I have seen nicer blades and prefer those with the blued panels around the lettering, of which the Museum has two examples, and a fragment of a further blade.

Purchased on 5.11.2019








W.K.& Co. maker's logo.  Folding handguard, the two closing parts slightly out of alignment, the shield on the eagle has lost all it's detail through years of polishing, has possibly been re-plated at some stage. These parts are of non-ferrous metal. Undoubtedly worn for re-unions by one of the members of the Verein ehemaliger 15er Husaren in Wandsbek till the 1970s or 80s.









As a comparison, a fragment of a blade in posession of the Wandsbek Museum, showing the blued blade panels, which look much nicer.
Also the design and lettering is much more ornate.

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