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Kürassier-Regiment 2

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Kürassier-Regiment "Königin" (Pommersches) Nr. 2,   Pasewalk, II. A.K.
Peaked cap for other ranks, Gefreiten, Unteroffizier and Sergeant for walking out dress. Manufactured after 1915. White uniform cloth with karmesin (crimson) coloured facings. Illegible maker's mark from the city of Pasewalk, which was also the garrison of the regiment. Normal peacetime constellation, peak inner and liner are in greygreen, a definite indication that the cap was produced after September 1915. Peak is outwardly black, although the regulations stated that the peak was to be matt greygreen, this regulation was seldom followed, as seen on surviving examples. The quality of the material is not comparable with peacetime examples, the capband is of relatively poor quality material in comparison, piping is of good quality, the basic off-white material is also of slightly poorer quality. Inner head band is of grey waxcloth, with a ribbon bow to the rear, again, wartime quality. The colours of the crown piping have run slightly, probably due to rain, and the lesser quality of wartime dyes. Has probably been worn post-WW1 for traditional reunions. The original Reichskokarde was missing, due to the revolution of November 1918 and the ensuing new laws, here, an original replacement of lesser wartime quality, the white has turned yellowish due to the inferior quality of the colours.








Kronprinz Wilhelm in the uniform of the Regiment, ca. 1907




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