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Königreich Hannover, Decorations

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Königreich Hannover
This was the very last decoration awarded by the Kingdom of Hannover, which was dissolved in 1866
Known as the Langensalza Medaille, was awarded to all, who took part in the battle of that name on
27. June 1866. The battle of Langensalza was a victory for the Hannoverian troops, but the general situation
thereafter forced the Hannoverian army under Georg V. v. Hannover to capitulate. The Kingdom was annexed
by Prussia and became simply Provinz Hannover of the Prussian state.   Georg V., who had always been blind,
was obliged to leave for exile. The Hannoverian Army was disbanded. Some of the former Hannoverian troops
and officers were later enlisted in the Prussian army, usually with the X. or with the Garde-Korps. Others resigned
or emigrated. Recipients of the medal, who later served in the Prussian Army, wore their medal alongside the
Prussian decorations.
Hannover had been in Personalunion with Great Britain till 1837.
The name of the recipient is stamped around the edge of the medal:   C.v.Engelbrechten
Hannoverian medals were always stamped with the name of the recipient. Medal of brass/bronze on a correct
replacement ribbon of pre 1945 manufacture.




Georg V. von Hannover in the uniform of the Hannov. Gardes du Corps, portrait by Winterhalter
He is also wearing the Order of the Garter. The helmet for officers was virtually the same as for other ranks
The Hannoverian GdC uniform was almost identical to the Prussian.






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Hannover, Medaille für die Freiwilligen von 1813. Made and awarded in 1840 by König Ernst August
von Hannover. Medal has been cleaned and polished, original shortened ribbon.



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