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Ikonoklasts - War Graves and Memorials in Europe vandalised and desecrated

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Unbekannte haben das Denkmal mit Farbe beschädigt / Am Dienstag hatte der Ortschaftsrat eine Informationstafel befürwortet.
Photo and article: Badische Zeitung

Die Toten können sich nicht mehr wehren!

A news article from the Badische Zeitung, October 2010.


Laon, Picardie, war graves wilfully damaged. An 18 year old girl was sentenced on probation to 210 hours of community work.

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There is a paragraph § 189 StGB Strafgesetzbuch in German law, which considers a criminal offence...

§ 189. Verunglimpfung des Andenkens Verstorbener. Wer das Andenken eines Verstorbenen verunglimpft, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu zwei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft.

Surely this must apply in this case!  The law seems to be on the side of left-wing criminals, who openly slander the memory
of the deceased and desecrate their graves.



The family grave of Alfred Jodl bearing his name has been vandalised several times, a placard has been put over it bearing the
inscription - "No honour to a war criminal! Alfred Jodl was tried and condemned to death as "Hauptkriegsverbrecher" in the Nuremberg
Process". I find this scandalous, it also breaks every law regarding cemeteries and respect for dead persons.


"Artist" Wolfram Kastner has openly desecrated the gravesite several times and has been applauded by the press. Jodl's nephew has filed a law
suite against him claiming damages for repairing the gravesite. Jodl's first and second wife are both buried here.







Zerschnittene Kranzschleife, Salzburg, 2010.  "Künstler"  Wolfgang Kastner treibt wieder sein Unwesen.


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