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Waffen SS insignia:



Set of insignia for peaked cap, Feinzink, hollow back with brass splints. Makers code behind: RZM 360/42 and RZM 499/41


Hiscoll Military Antiques | Superb - and 'virtually mint'! - example of a  Waffen-SS EM- (ie. NCO-) pattern 'runes'-collar-tab (ie. 'Kragenspiegel')  being a 'standard-issued'- (ie. 'RzM'-) pattern example as executed on  (smooth-type)

An identical example, said to be of black linnen on buckram backing, and of Dachau production, as offered by a militaria site.


A Bevo woven Totenkopf in fine silver and grey thread, original removed from forage cap

An original other ranks rune collar patch, lightweight cotton material on hessian backing, grey cotton machine embroidered runes.
The left patch is a remake with a well matching cotton material on a simple cardboard backing.


An original pair of collar patches, black velvet, silver embroidered runes on hessian backing, piped in silver cord, piping slightly missmatched (?), with zinc rank pips for a Sturmbannführer.
Bevo type silver flatwire woven arm eagle, confectioned and machine-stitched on to a black felt wool backing (copy)


Erkennungsmarke, zinc: SS-Standarte, 5. Bataillon. Personnel number 22, blood group "A".  With artificial patina, a postwar copy purchased in Berlin.



"The three Musketeers". An original Waffen-SS photo without caption. The first man on the left, a Rottenführer, was named on another photo from the group as "Michael".    Unit unknown

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This is another photo originally from the same source, but was unfortunately sold separately. Apparently he was with the W-SS Artillery,  dated 11.9.1942.
Text reads:  "Ein deutscher Artillerist. Ein Kämpfer deutscher Zukunft. Ein Bruder deutscher Sch...?   Will deutsch bleiben solang ich lebe.  Euer Michael."
Dated 11.IX.1942 and illegible place (Westen?)

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A few charakter photos of Waffen-XX personnel, some RK-Träger


Fritz Rentrop


Fritz Rentrop, a further photo


Otto Kumm
Note: Collar patches unusually without silver edge piping.

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  • Fritz changed the title to Waffen-SS

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