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The Estate of an Officer of Infanterie-Regiment 151


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Purchased over 40 years ago, objects from the estate of an officer in

2. Ermländisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 151, stationed in Sensburg and Bischofsburg, XX. Armee-Korps.
The Regiment was raised in 1897.

All of the items apart from the helmet, sword and Feldbinde belonged to the same officer. The highest rank he reached was Oberstleutnant, as can be seen on one pair of shoulder straps. There are further shoulder straps of Leutnant - Hauptmann, however the stars have been removed at some time, the Epaulettes are for a Leutnant.
The effects were supplied by military outfitter Martin Ucko,  Königsberg i./Pr., Französische Straße, both boxes have the name of the outfitter.
This is an older photograph taken in the early 1980s.

Possible wearers:
Oberstleutnant von Oertzen
Oberstleutnant Dorsch (GenLt.a.D.)
Oberstleutnant Gerstenbergk, + 28.9.1916 b. Saulcourt
Major Hupfeld, + 7.5.1917 b. Samoussy
Hauptmann von Grabowski (Komm.d.JR 151, Oberstlt.a.D.)




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From the same estate, details


Epaulettes for Leutnant.


Shoulder pieces (pairs)for Leutnant and Hauptmann, the rank stars have been removed. All wrapped in cellophane for the past 42 years to avoid tarnish to the silver.


Shoulder pieces for Oberstleutnant, two colour backing after September 1915.  A further set of rank stars has possibly been removed (above the numbers), meaning that this was originally Oberst and regimental commander. Still wrapped in cellophane for the past 42 years to avoid further tarnish.

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From the same estate, two helmet covers:

Field cover as introduced in 1892, numbers were added on 22. March 1897


Inside with red manoevre band, brass hooks for attachment.


Later field cover as worn in 1914


Red band within, no hooks for attachment, with D.R.P. (patent) stamp

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