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Post War Police Uniforms

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Uniform from the early 1950s till around 1966


Postwar Hamburg police


The uniform of the mid-60s, this one for Nordrhein-Westfalen

Next  photo of Police uniforms, in this case, Buchloe, Bavaria. The man on the left has the old police uniform of the 1980s and 1990s. Around 2005, new dark blue uniforms were introduced in Northern Germany, these looked like a combination of New York police, a pyjama suit and a sports tracksuit (dislike). The dark blue cap has the typical New York "Batman" shape., which I find is ultra-horrible and very ungerman. Bavaria has been more conservative up till now, and has retained the old green and beige combination, the cap usually with a white top. Each Länder police force has its own arm patch.

The previous green/beige combination had replaced the earlier postwar uniforms, which varied very much from Land to Land. In Hamburg  these had been dark blue with open collar, shirt and tie, the traditonal belt was worn with the Hamburg motive, these were all from ancient stocks and handed down from the one to the next.

N.B.; No Bundeskokarde is worn on the headdress in Bavaria! Because Bavaria is a "Freistaat", at least officially. The remaining police forces, apart from Saxony all wear the Bundeskokarde beneath a star with the appropriate symbol of each Land. Saxony has also officially "Freistaat" status. Originally, before introduction of the old green uniform, the cockade was worn above the badge.



This photo depicts two higher police charges, one in the old green uniform, the other in the new dark blue uniform. Both of the Berlin police force.


The most horrid uniforms imagineable and a nightmare for traditionalists.  Batman caps next to Baseball caps. Here Berlin.


Bavaria's Amtsbüttel for the future as planned...sehr Bürgernahe - (we are the Dialeks) Bavarian Innenminister Joachim Herrmann presents the uniforms planned.


Police uniforms Hamburg, old and new.  The Weimar and 3rd Reich uniforms have been deliberately left out (denial or political correctness?)


Hamburg Anti-Terror Unit. Science fiction or music of the future? Like something from Mars or outer space. Their "life-saving equipment" looks rather menacing.


Police recruiting poster: Zielsicher - nothing like a good shoot-out in a peacefull city. Perhaps the next Warsaw uprising will be in Hamburg?

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