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Hello,  My name is Gwar. I am a member of a few forums and my area of collecting is

the Reichsarbeitdienst, I have knowledge of belt buckles ( Most branches ) TR as well.

I hope to be able to help others along my journey and learn as well. The "Dienststellenabzeichen"

is the official term for arm shield utilized by the RAD and was produced using different materials

depending on officers, general officer and commissioned/ non commissioned staff. That will

be another discussion soon if needed. These "Shields" are grouped  by Abt. number ie; 1-242

rather than Gau. number 242-1. if this needs an explination please ask for a more in depth thread.

Also they are identified by Arbeitsgau number, abteilungen and area. I have withheld honor names

at this time.. Again, another thread.. Some of the hundreds that exsited.  Enjoy..  G





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Not so long ago there were still many of these on the market, since I bought my only example, they seem to have suddenly got scarcer. The badges for the weibliche Mitglieder are usually more expensive, but seem to be slightly more abundant than the men's issue presently. Has become a more expensive item in the last couple of years, I got my example for 25-30 Euros as far as I remember. Particularly interested in Niederdonau, especially around Tulln. The other insignia, headdress and uniforms are also interesting

By the way, the second "T" is missing from Dienststellenabzeichen in your text! Just for the record.

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Hi Gwar, good to have you aboard, welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts :thumbsup: 

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