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Imperial Austrian k.u.k. Militaria


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Austria-Hungary / k.u.k. Monarchie

Not much to show so far, fieldgrey cockade arrived today:
An Austrian M.95 Steyr bayonet as already featured under bayonets.
An officer's Portépée with monogram FJ, worn till December 1916, very fine quality gold wire woven and embroidered, strap with white saffian leather underlay, heavy item compared to the sword it was attached to.
An Austrian belt buckle, looks a little new, originality uncertain.
A Kappenrose, hollow brass with cut-out monogram IFJ for Franz Joseph I, rear with double prongs
A Kappenrose, fieldgrey with cut-out monogram K for Karl, as from December 1916, rear with two retaining loops





2 k.u.k. uniform buttons, most likely of a civil or state uniform, 20mm, fire-gilded bronze, one button considerably darkened
One button has simply WIEN, the other EXTRA RICH and Imperial Eagle above.




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Very nice! Likewise, I do not have very much in the Austrian category, it is extremely rare to find it here in the US. Below is the enameled canteen, you often see in Austrian collections, however this one is mint with the cloth cover. Sadly it doesn't have the cup or carrying strap, but the condition more than makes up for that I feel. I often see these with rust and chips to the enamel. 





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I've seen a few of these on offer, also with the cup and cover. They cost around 200 Euro complete, never seen the carrying strap however, I believe they were carried on a string or cord.

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I have seen reproduction canvas straps and the leather carrier as well, but not originals. I am still looking for a really nice cup to go with my canteen. Here is a picture of the canteen with the canvas strap. 


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Further item added, came straight from Austria
2 gilt buttons with Imperial Eagle

These photopostcards also arrived:



A senior n.c.o. with sabre and knot, apparently from a Jäger unit, as seen by the bugle underneath the cap cockade. Postcard has been franked Wr.Neustadt, 14.III.1915  and written, wrong address, or person/unit has moved, has been re-directed from Wiener-Neustadt to Wien by the k.u.k. post, sent from Brünn to Ferdinand Scherbrunn (?) of Feldkanonen-Reg.4 to an address in Wien.


An officer on horseback, possibly Infantry. He is wearing the Kommodekappe. Three stars on the collar could be an Oberleutnant.
The Egalisierungsfarbe on the collar patches could show which regiment he belonged to.


Artillery Reservists as seen in the description. The Artillery wore brown tunics with red facings. The trousers were lichtblau or steingrau.


Photo presumably of a private of an infantry regiment in walking out dress, the tunic is the early hechtgrau type, worn here with the black long trousers of the peacetime uniform. The bayonet has nickel fittings, presumably his own property, here without a knot. Early brass belt buckle and cap cockade (Rose) with FJI monogram.


Wartime rear area photo. The men in the picture have a mixture of peaked and peakless field caps (Feldkappe). Later pattern fieldgrey uniform with turndown collar, breeches with puttees.


Feldmarschall Erzherzog Friedrich Maria Albrecht Wilhelm Karl von Österreich-Ungarn, Herzog von Teschen,
Oberbefehlshaber des k.u.k. Heeres ab August 1914


General der Kavallerie Freiherr von Pflanzer-Baltin


Generalstabschef Conrad von Hötzendorf, who was an artillery general


Korpskommandant, General der Kavallerie Eduard von Böhm-Ermolli


Korpskommandant, General der Infanterie Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza



Austro-Hungarian uniform impressions

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I would love to have an Austrian uniform for the collection, however I have never seen one for sale. I have seen the Kepi's every so often, but the WW1 woolen uniforms seem to be drying up.

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Not bad for a start. The last Feldkappe which I saw 1:1 was around 1970.  It was feldgrau/hechtgrau with a matt grey pressed leather / artificial leather peak.  Feldzeichen/Rose was unlacquered with K for Karl - three small rimmed artillery buttons, which were mint, unlacquered white metal.
That was from the collection of a reputable dealer/collector, who was regularly in London's Portobello Road in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The same dealer also had a grey tunic, very smart, short cut, two slanted hip pockets, two slanted, scalloped breast pockets, concealed button front, low standing collar with plain black collar patches. Plain shoulder straps on loops with greygreen painted buttons, was mint. There was also a double-breasted fieldgrey greatcoat, brass buttons, shaped red collar patches with a button at upper end, may have been a field officer's greatcoat, seen nothing more since then, apart from the odd item in various auction catalogues. Coloured peacetime tunics, mainly officers' still turn up.

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Further photos added, see further up:
k.u.k. Feldmarschall Erzherzog Friedrich
k.u.k. General der Kavallerie Freiherr von Pflanzer-Baltin
k.u.k. General der Kavallerie Freiherr von Böhm-Ermolli
k.u.k. General der Infanterie Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza

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