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Unissued Bavarian Bluse. Full length Hoheitsborte, shorten to just a strip on the front of the collar in 1917. Very early 1916 still using left over lion buttons.







Bavarian Bluse_1.jpg

Bavarian Bluse_2.jpg

Bavarian Bluse_6.jpg

Bavarian Bluse_5.jpg

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This is very similar to the example I have, just the proportions differ, on my example the skirting is longer, possibly as for field artillery, or so-called "Landwehr-Schnitt"?

These are photos taken about 20 years ago. The shoulder pieces do not belong to the tunic, F.A.R.63. The field cap has a maker mark from Augsburg, undated, ca. 1915, here without Reichskokarde, which were removed after 9.November 1918, since rectified. Otherwise all original buttons, no shoulder loops, and no trace of a former "Aschinger"-Borte.




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The "Landsturmschnitt" specifically relates to a Waffenrock designated for issue to the entire army in 1914. It has nothing to do with the description of a Bluse.

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