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Banner of Bandonion Verein, Bremen


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A table banner for Bandonion-Verein, Bremen. A Bandonion is a musical instrument. The Verein in Bremen still exists today.
This was given to me by a school pal for my ninth birthday in 1961. His uncle had taken it as a war souvenir. No further information
on this piece or it's history, it may be a one only item, or there may have been a very small number of them. Banner is made of a
silk material on both sides, it is bound all round with gold wire cord, the bottom with gold wire tassles and two gold knots with
fringes. Suspended on a chromed bar with ball tip ends. The reverse has the national flag, centre of which is woven in black on
white silk. The front is of creme coloured silk, to the top left hand corner is the Wappen of Bremen in fine coloured hand embroidery-
The centre piece is a red hand embroidered harp within a yellow wreath with a swastika at bottom centre, above this, the designation:
1. Bremer Bandonion Verein, gegr. 1901 (founded 1901).
Beautiful quality. The reverse has some old stains, which I have never attempted to clean.
Possibly a unique item, never seen before or again.




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Yes indeed, have always had this carefully stored away.
Examples of this musical instrument:



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