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This is a film I have been looking for, for years "Zítra vstanu a oparím se cajem" from 1977. Its about former Nazis who go back in time to give Hitler the Hydrogen bomb. Despite not being listed in any film listings that feature appearances by Hitler, I finally found it.  I always thought it was a Spanish film but it is actually Czechoslovakian which did not help in my search. I was beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination, but here it is, it's quite nostalgic for me, as I saw it when I first started collecting. After watching it again, it's still quite funny, Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea. Does anybody else remember seeing this when it was shown on BBC2 back in 1982? almost 40 years ago 😮


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Here's another film I found today which I had been looking for, for years and could never find. Again shown the same time as the film above on BBC2 around 1982 in fact it may have been shown right after it on the same night. Glad to finally find it as I've asked loads of people over the years if they saw it and nobody ever had, to the point I thought it might have been a figment of my imagination again. It was filmed in Spain during the last years of General Franco's regime 1972 I think.  Still stands the test of time 'La cabina'   


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Like Salvador Dali having a fit. Beware of the telephone cell. In Deutschland geht nichts verloren und in Spanien verschwindet niemand.

Auf dieser Erde geht nichts verloren - Keim, Beate 9783927598096


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