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2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra von Russland


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A tunic for Gefreiter of 2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra von Russland (3rd Squadron), Regiment based in Berlin.
The regiment was raised in 1860, it later bore the mongram of the Empress Alexandra of Russia, who was honorary Colonel in Chief since 1896. It took part in the Battle of Königgrätz in 1866 and reached Vienna.  In 1870 it took part in the battles of Vionville, Mars la Tour, Gravelotte and St. Privat, as well as at Sedan and the encirclement of Paris. It saw action on the Eastern Front in 1916 , and 3 squadrons of the regiment were sent to France in 1917 and saw service as divisional cavalry between the front lines and the rear areas. Disbanded after return to Berlin in November-December 1918.
The tunic is of a darker shade of cornflower blue with red facings, white metal buttons and white Gardelitzen and has additionally a silver braid chevron on the right sleeve for good lance fencing.

As a comparison, a further photo of shoulder straps of 1. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment "Königin Viktoria von Großbritannien"








1. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Großbritannien

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Recently offered by an elderly gentleman living near Hannover, he has a whole collection of photos and postcards from the estate of a former Hofdame of the Imperial Court .This picture was one of these and in a frame with broken glass, which had been stored in a cellar up till now.  Frame was removed for posting.

It shows the reservists of 1904 of the 3. Eskadron of 2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra von Russland. All the names of the reservists and the officers depicted are shown, as well as two higher ranking officers, Oberst v. Sigsfeld and Oberst v. Mitzlaff, one of whom could be the Commander of the Regiment, worth further research (who was Commander in 1904? I don't have the lists for that year).
The gentleman from Hannover thought it was Russian! I got this for 20 Euros plus postage, which was reasonable considering the size of the picture. Took over a week to arrive with the slow-post from Hannover.









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Names on the picture:

Trompeter Schumacher, Trompeter Rochow, Uffz. Würfel, Uffz. Lehninger,  Uffz. Rochow, Uffz. Römer, Trompeter Blancke, Trompeter Lampe, Trompeter v. Kirski,

Sergt. Otto,  Uffz. Gähde, Uffz. Schestecat, Vc.Wachtm. Köhling, Wachttm. Wache, Vc. Wachtm. Krüger,  Uffz. Briesemeister, Sergt. Mette, Uffz. Lemck,  Lt. Walter v. Löbecke,

Oberlt. v. Bernewitz, Major v. Ribbeck, Lt. Graf v. Hahn, Oberlt. V. Reinersdorf, S.Durchlaucht der Prinz v. Schönaich Carolath, Gefr. Witt,  Gefr. Müller,  Rittm. Frh. v. Stolzingen,

Gefr. Sterckmann,  Gefr. Geisel,  Gefr. Schulz,  Wiegand,  Gefr. Fieck,  Zunk,  Lt. v. Etzel, Oberlt. v. Dresky,  Major v. Wroche-Gelhorn, Oberst v. Mitzlaff, Oberst v. Sigsfeld,

Breitkreuz, Lage, Lemke, Berg, Gefr. Mertins, Gefr. Golz,  Fischer, Gefr. Staudemeyer, Gefr. Holz, Gefr. Leue, Gefr. Spiekermann, Becker. Riemann, Gefr. Wagner, Reimshüssel,

Gefr. Fleischer, Sergt. Becke

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Dragoner-Areal am Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg, 2015. Foto: Imago/Schöning

"Dragoner-Areal" in Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg in 2015. This was the former grounds of the Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Großbritannien und Irland, a total ruin since the end of the war. "Redevelopment" is being planned

Dragoner-Areal offiziell im Eigentum des Landes Berlin - WELT

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One of the two Garde-Dragoner-Regimenter

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