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Deutsche Heldensagen by Gustav Schalk, undated, published by Verlag Neufeld & Henius, Berlin, there is ink-written owner: Willy Rose, April 1933.  I remember the version on my father's bookshelf from the earliest days, it was much nicer, had a blood red cover with a black figure of a knight and by a different publisher, better quality, and dated 1897, by Weidenfeld & Co., Berlin, if I remember rightly. It also had more colour plates, but the text is unaltered. To the Nibelungen illustration is a later colour plate from a newspaper article, identical to the one in my father's book. This illustration depicts Hagen von Tronje sinking the Gold hoard of the Nibelungen in the depths of the Rhine.
German and Nordic mythology mixed with historical events from earliest times to the middle ages, full of war and intrigue, Courage, noble loyalty and betrayal. I was always fascinated by this book.

Cover versions of the edition I remember.







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Germania's Sagenborn, Mären und Sagen für das Deutsche Haus, edited by Emil Engelmann, 2nd edition, published by Paul Neff Verlag, Stuttgart, 1897





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Ekkehard , Eine Geschichte aus dem zehnten (10.) Jahrhundert von Joseph Victor von Scheffel, illustrirt von Curt Liebich Stuttgart, Verlag von Adolf Bonz & Comp., 1904. Fünfte Auflage. Foreword was written, Heidelberg, 1855

The Ekkehard Saga, with a background of Christian history in the early middle ages. With cover and frontispiece in illuminated manuscript with gold block and colouring, black and white illustrations throughout.








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DUDEN Rechtschreibung, Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig und Wien, 1915

Standard work for orthography of the German language, valid for  official rules in Germany, Austria,Switzerland. Brought out every year, re-edited with all actual changes, etc.
Two more modern versions, 1980 and 1991, the latter is also valid for the former DDR after the reunification.






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Der Deutsche a periodical published in 1919, regarding resentiments about the lost war, and the betrayal behind it.
One of the first books in my father's bibliothek, which, I believe, he purchased in Dublin in the late 1920s. Poor condition, the quality of WW1 and postwar paper was very poor, and many publications of this period have simply disappeared. The author was Gregor Huch, worth further research. There is a note to the back, that the publication was to be temporarily ceased due to the rising costs of publication.  Selbstverlag "Der Deutsche", Berlin NW23






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Kaiser Friedrich III. (1831-1888) von Professor Dr. J.W. Otto Richter, Verlagsbuchhandlung Alfred Schall, Berlin, 2nd Edition, undated, ca. 1889
Frontispiece with illustration of Kronprinz Friedrich in the uniform of Dragoner-Regiment 8, of which he was honorary chief. The Regiment wore his monogram on the shoulder straps after 1889. He only reigned for 90 days.




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Generalfeldmarschall Paul v. Hindenburg - AUS MEINEM LEBEN, Erinnerungen - Hindenburgs autobiography and a history of the Great War from his perspective.
Bibliografisches Institut, Leipzig, 1934.






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Generaloberst von Einem - Erinnerungen eines Soldaten. His autobiography starting from his native Province of Hannover, later serving with Kürassier-Regiment 4, whose uniform he always wore forthwith. Much detail of his experience as a military commander and as Minister of War during the Great War.



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Kronprinz Wilhelm, Erinnerungen  - Memoirs. Written during His years of exil in Holland on the Island of Wieringen. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachf., Stuttgart-Berlin, 1922




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Ludendorff, Meine Kriegserinnerungen. Generaloberst Erich Ludendorff, War Memories. A very meticulous and detailed account of the War in all theatres from beginning to end.  628 pages and with 10 removable large format maps of various theatres and phases of the war. Written in exile in Sweden in the early postwar years.
Published by Mittler & Sohn, Berlin 1919. Staining to cover and general aging.






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1797 - 1897

Dem erhabenen Begründer des neuen Deutschen Reiches
- Festschrift der Stadt Berlin zum 22. März 1897
by Carl Gerstenberg

For the hundredth birthday of the founder of the new German Empire
Festival Script of 22. March 1897 - Kaiser Wilhelm I.

This book was given to me from the library of the oldest German Church in the UK, which was founded at the beginning of the reign of George I. of Great Britain and Hannover. The book was presented to me by Pastor Dietrich Altmann, a native of Berlin around 1974. He didn't want so many old books in the collection. One book which however will remain, is the bible signed and presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II. to the church during one of his visits to London.

Beneath the church is a vault dating from the early 18th Century and is filled with coffins dating from the beginning till the very last burial from around 1820, mostly in poor condition and disintegrating, the vault is very dry, which has preserved its contents to a reasonable degree. Also worth mentioning, is that some of the traditional church silver was stolen during the 70s, and this led to the church being closed during day hours.
The church is in London Aldgate and although closed, remains under conservation and is freqently used for special occasions by the German community in London. There are more German churches in London and throughout the UK. The Geman Seamens Home near Aldgate also cooperated closely with this church, and was reopened after the war by Diakon Wolfgang W.







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The works of Theodor Körner in 2 volumes, published by the Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig u. Wien, "Meyers Conversations-Lexikon", Klassiker-Ausgaben. Foreword is by Dr. Hans Zimmer, 2. September 1893 (Sedantag)

The first volume is
Gedichte & Lustspiele:
Leier und Schwert (patriotic verses)
Vermischte Gedichte
Die Braut
Der Grüne Domino
Der Nachtwächter
Der Vetter aus Bremen
Die Gouvernante

The second volume,
Dramen and tragedies:
Toni - Ein Drama in drei Aufzügen
Die Sühne - Ein Trauerspiel in einem Aufzug
Zriny - Ein Trauerspiel in fünf Aufzügen
Hedwig - Ein Drama in drei Aufzügen
Rosamunde - Ein Trauerspiel in fünf Aufzügen
Joseph Heyderich, oder: Deutsche Treue







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