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Rising Sun (AIF) Badge

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The Australian Army General Service Badge better known as the Rising Sun (AIF) Badge was issued to all units in WW1.

In all there have been 7 versions of this badge here is a list of them.

1st version 1901 had 7 star points and the word Australia arched above the Kings Crown and no scroll made from pressed

oxidised copper and was issued to mounted troops in the Boer War.

2nd version 1902 made of copper had the words Commonwealth horse on a scroll and Australia arched above Kings Crown.

3rd version 1904 made of copper the best known version issued in WW1 and WW2 with the words Australian Commonwealth

Military Forces on scroll.

4th version 1949 made of brass has the words Australia Military Forces on scroll.

5th version 1956 same as 4th but with Queens crown.

6th version 1969 in gilt has the Federation Star instead of Crown and the word Australia only on scroll.

7th version 1991 in gilt with Queens Crown and the words The Australian Army on scroll.

The normal General Service Badge has twin lugs and cotter pin for fixing to the side of the Karki Felt Slouch Hat, there is a

Light Horse version of the badge with slider bar to slip onto the front of the Puggaree ( Hat Band of the Slouch Hat ).

Here are photo's of the badge on various headwear used. 







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