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German Cuff titles

Kenny Andrew

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In this thread we can discuss German cuff titles. Here is one we just got in, mint text book example of Bevo woven Enlisted/NCO mans cuff title for the 18th Freiwilligen Panzer Grenadier Division 'Horst Wessel'. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Horst Wessel was formed around a cadre from 1. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot) and included mainly Hungarian Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) from the Banat. Elements of the division was used for anti-partisan duties in Croatia during training until June 1944 while the rest was in Hungary where the division took part in the occupation of Hungary. Elements of it fought against the Slovak uprising in September and October 1944 as SS-Kampfgruppe Schäfer but it was not until one month later the division fought as a whole unit for the first time, this was against the Red Army south of Budapest.It later fought in Silesia and Bohemia with the survivors surrendering to Czech and Soviet forces at the end of the war. SS cuff titles are heavily faked, on this title you can see the small line of dots on the reverse, the vast majority of original bevo woven cufftitles will have these edging details.   






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I always wanted to get some of these cuff titles, but have been wary of the abundance of fakes out there. Especially the rarer types.

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Agreed, SS cuff titles are a nightmare, I only buy them if they come from veterans families.   

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