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Military flintlocks

Mick taylor

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Very nice collection Mick, so is that what the brass base plates were used for, so the pistol could be used as a club? I've never really thought about it before but it makes sense  :thumbsup:

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Very nice collection. These types of pistol were also used by the Hannoverian Army and marked "Tower". Later versions were mainly produced by Crause in Herzberg. Illustrations below in a catalogue of the Bohmann Museum in Celle (Hannover), and the pieces depicted are in the collections there. The Hannoverian Army existed till 1866, when the Kingdom of Hannover was dissolved and annexed by Prussia, King Georg V. of Hannover, Duke of Cumberland and Earl of Armagh, went into exile to Vienna, later to die in France He is buried  in the vault of St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Some former Hannoverian officers and NCOs later served in the Prussian army after 1867, mainly in the X. Armee-Korps, some with the Garde, and were allowed to wear their Hannoverian medals.






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