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WW1 Photos

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An original photo of two Prussian artillerists of a field artillery unit, ca. 1915/16. They are wearing the M.1910 fieldgrey uniforms with a greymetal fitted helmet and in full marching order. The shoulder straps have been removed from the tunics. They are equipped with a gas mask and a Kar 98a carbine as used by cavalry and field artillery. Place unknown.

An original photo of two muscians from an infantry regiment. The field caps bear the Prussian cockade. They are wearing the bandmens wings in toned lace. To the left is a hornist, carrying a bugle over the right shoulder. The bugle was wrapped in red cloth in peacetime, fieldgrey in wartime.  On his belt is a flute in its carrying case. The man on the right is a Tambour or Trommler (drummer). On the left is the belt attachment for the drum in the form of a Prussian eagle. They are both carrying walking sticks, which were fashionable at the time. Photo was probably taken between 1914 and 1916. Place unknown.

Both cards have not been written and no inscription.


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