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Feuerwehr Insignia


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Arm eagles as worn by the Feuerwehr, as from 1938. The Feuerwehr was under the control of the police, and therefore wore a police-style eagle.

The Hamburg version is markedly different to most other examples I have seen, the inscription being in a chain-stitched straight line and in the new script, probably after 1941.  The Radolfzell version is more typical of earlier types, being in gothic script and running parallell to the curved edge of the badge. Other fire brigade departments were the Feuerschutzpolizei and the Feuerlöschpolizei.  Along with the Luftschutz, these played a vital defence role during Allied bombing of German towns and cities. Minor differences can be seen in the style of embroidery. On later examples, the name of the town or area was omitted.




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