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Sturmabteilung - SA


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Some uniform insignia of the S.A.
collar patches 4/133 -  Sturm 4 / Standarte 133, Plauen / Saxony
Sturm 11 / Standarte 153, Altenburg / Thüringen
Kepi eagle and button, 2nd type, aluminium
SA lapel badge for civil clothing, silver by Hofstetter of Bonn
Belt buckle, 3rd type and Dagger attachment
Rally Badge, SA-Treffen, Nordmark, May 1935, aluminium.

Armband as worn by the SA and other party organisations, unclear stamp of issue.
SA Wehrkampfabzeichen (often wrongly referred to as SA Sport Badge). Iron with a bronze finish showing some wear. Manufactured by Redo, Saarlautern.
Rear has inscription: Eigentum der S.A. (S.A. property)
Dagger of 1941 manufacture (already shown in a previous topic)



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Further items added.

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Nice items! I don't have much as far as the SA goes, here is a cap from my collection. It has orange coloring to signify the Südwest region I believe. It looks yellow in the pictures but in person it has an orange look. 





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Very nice cap have always liked these type of caps.

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The leather of the strap seems to have been renewed, the buttons and strap fittings may be original.  Also the eagle is not quite the correct type, more likely Deutsche Reichspost or some other organisation. See photos here

This is the older 1st type of eagle.


Older eagle, 1st type.


Kepi with 2nd type eagle, Imp.War Museum photo


SA eagle, 2nd type

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