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The Battle of the Düppeler Schanzen, 18.4.1864

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The Battle of Düppel (Dyböl), 18. April 1864, recent film Danish production, Prussian victory:

In parts rather long drawn out, realistic battle scenes and requisites, some English subtitles. However, the troops in the film showed a remarkable lack of discipline and self control, which would have been unthinkable in those days. Was broadcast as a series on Danish Television.


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The Skirmish at Missunde on the River Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein took place on 2. February 1864. This was the first clash to start the Danish War. The I. Korps of the Prussian Army under the command of Prinz Friedrich Karl attempted to take the village of Missunde to enable the crossing of the Schlei. Thus, the Danish defence line of the Danawerk could be breached. The attack was repelled by the Danes under the command of Georg Daniel, despite being outnumbered. There were relatively light losses on both sides, due to poor visability through fog and powder smoke. The Prussian commander decided to break off the attack. Three days later the Danish army abandoned the Danawerk as well as the village of Missunde, as the line could not be held indefinitely.

Alle Videos von Youbtube gelöscht - all videos have been deleted by Youtube!


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all videos have been deleted by Youtube!

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