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Iron Cross 1st Class 1939


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An Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse 1939 with original case, which I got about around 1989, before the iron curtain came down. Cross and case are from two different souces, well matched, both showing considerable wear and patina. Both are unmarked.


Magnetic iron core, most of the finish has worn off the swastika, the rest with normal wear. The frame and pin are of "Neusilber". The pin catch is an old wartime repair, neatly replaced using thick copper wire, most likely carried out in a military workshop.

The rear bears engraved recipients details: P.S. and 4.I.41, being the date awarded. Due to the style of engraving in a rope-like gothic script and date, I tend to think of this being to either a Luftwaffe man or possibly Kriegsmarine.


The case shows normal wear, the lid shows the silver embossed Iron Cross in outline and is lined with white silk, the base is with champagne coloured velvet, and is in good condition, both early pieces.






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Thank you for sharing your EKI with the Forum, very nice example. I like seeing this award in its leatherette case, nice photography. Thank you once again for sharing with the us.

Best regards, John R.

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