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Austrian Bayonet M.95

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A wartime worn k.u.k. Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher M.1895 bayonet, standard use for the Austrian Army in World War I. The Steyr-Mannlicher rifle and carbine remained after W.W.1 in use with the Army of the First Republic till the annexation in March 1938. It was supposedly also re-issued to the Wehrmacht during W.W.2.


The scabbard on this example has most of its wartime olivegreen paint finish, with some traces of light rust. There are the typical markings to the blade and scabbard hook as used during the monarchy period. On the blade is to one side: OE over WG, to the reverse is a small imperial eagle mark, same marks on the scabbard hook. To the top of the pommel is a stamped 47R mark, presumably k.u.k. Infantry Regt.47. To one side of the hilt is stamped 45, presumably an inventory number for the weapon.

Becoming scarce.


One photo shows a scene from the Isonzo Front, soldiers carrying the M.95 carbine and bayonet, and an example of the carbine (Gebirgskarabiner or Repetierstutzen), which was popular with mountain troops. (Museum Festung Hohensalzburg)






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