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Cavalry of the Wehrmacht


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Collar patches and shoulder pieces for an Oberstleutnant (possibly von Hülsen) of the Cavalry. These originally had gilded numbers 11 attached, which were removed at outbreak of the war.

Cavalry Regiment 11 was based in Wien-Stockerau (Vienna), and maintained the tradition of the former cavalry regiments of the old k.u.k. Armee.


Set of insignia for officers cap, Wehrmacht. The hand-embroidered oakleaf and cockade are still in their original cellophane packaging. The eagle is pre-war alumium. Embroidered eagles were also worn. There is a maker stamp in the lining from Straubing, the cap being most likely from Kavallerie-Regt.17 in Bamberg and Straubing (one Escadron).


Set of insignia for other ranks of Kavallerie-Regiment 13, based in Hannover and Lüneburg. This regiment maintained the traditions of several Prussian regiments, including Dragoner-Regt.16 and Ulanen-Regt. 13. The collar patches are still wrapped in original banderole of manufacturer Karl Sieder, Wien.


Cavalry units saw much active service as divisional and corps cavalry on the Eastern Front right to the end of the war, the last units (Kavallerie-Regiment Mitte) surrendering in Hungary in May 1945.









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I once had a complete full dress uniform of Kavallerie-Schützen-Regiment 6 - the cap had the small gilt Dragoner eagle between the insignia, the shoulder boards for a Wachtmeister had a frosted silver gothic S over 6, cap had a maker's gold logo with "Schwedter-Adler" Kurt Seiler, Schwedt-an-der-Oder, mint.

A squadron of this regiment upheld the tradition of Dragoner-Regiment 2, which had been based in Schwedt/Oder. Kavallerie-Regiment 6 was moved in 1936 to Darmstadt, but still upheld its connection to the former garrison of Schwedt.

A Hamburg dealer then got this from me and took it to the Max Show in USA, and it was purchased by Regimentals of London, and I later saw this on a figure in the window in his shop. Don't know who then purchased it. A very significant cavalry uniform that went away much too cheaply, not to be found again. Unfortunately never made photos, 1985-ca.1991.

I also had an original cavalry saddle from 1938, missing only the Steigbügel (stirrups) and Bauchgurt (bellyband), but later parted with this for reasons of space.







Waffenrock, Unteroffizier, Kavallerie-Regt. 13, Hannover / Lüneburg (Internetphoto)


Oberwachtmeister, 2.Esk. / Kavallerie-Regt. 13 (Internetphoto)

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The Officer's shoulder pieces, K.R.11 shown above are possibly from Oberstleutnant von Hülsen (or his successor, possibly Major von Pannwitz or Major Pindter), who was the commander of the regiment and is listed in the October 1938 edition of "Stellenbesetzung des Deutschen Heeres", which was effective as from Spring 1939. Copies of this book are hardly obtainable as these had to be destroyed before the end of the war. This is a 1953 reprint taken from a surviving copy.





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further photos added

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Could you find a wehrmacht officer (oberstleutnant/Oberst one of these) in the cavalry, his name was Hans-Hermann Mücke. I dont know any other information about him and have no resources so if somene could help me it would help thanks.

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I only have the 1939 list.  Have found only the following:

Leutnant Mücke, 1.Kp. Kolonne 3, Kraftfahr-Abteilung 8, based in Lüben (previously Sprottau) - since Januar 1938

Dr. Mücke-Neiß, (Militärbeamte) Zentralabteilung, Allgemeines Heeresamt ( A H A ), since August 1935

You will have to search for further changes from 1939-45, you may find something in internet or an archive. There were
also further lists published after 1939, but these were on the secrets lists and most of them were destroyed. Otherwise you
can check the Bundesarchiv in Berlin, who have an internet presence, but you will have to give full details of what you are looking for.
The first mentioned Leutnant Mücke may have advanced in later years to Oberst/Obersleutnant if he survived, may also have changed to Cavalry, which is not far apart from Transport.

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Thankyou sir, i find the website of the bundesarchiv very confusing.

This may have been him because during the invasion of Poland and France he was a  leutnant in the Cavalry. 

Could you also help me find a man named Friedrich-Carl Wuthe in the SS (very early member) he is also my great-grandfather and again i dont have much knowledge about him.

It is believed that he died in Stalingrad.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any SS lists.

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