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Colditz then and now


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Schloss Colditz and it's previous occupants can be seen in the black and white photo. As a comparison, a present day colour photo of the castle, which was originally built in the Renaisance style, as it stands today. It is presently a museum and also used for festivities, as well as partly a youth hostel. The old town of Colditz is situated in the Leipzig area (Saxony) between the Zwickauer and Freiberger Mulde and has a lot of historical architechture.


Further information can be found under www.schloss-colditz.de



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Colditz is also less well known for Colditz Porzellan, DDR

Espresso-Tassen - Colditz Porzellan - 4 Stück - Rarität in Bayern -  Rödental | eBay Kleinanzeigen

Kaffeekanne RATIONELL grün - FORMOST

Colditzer keramische Industriegeschichte - Colditz Info



Nearby is also the Manufaktur Kahla, DDR
Note: The first Messerschmitt Me 262 jets were built at the underground factory in Kahla

Der Artikel mit der oldthing-id 41418429 ist aktuell ausverkauft.

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Characters and impressions from the TV series Colditz.
The series is available on youtube, in about 24 parts.

Schloss Colditz beherbergte als Oflag IV C Gefangene im 2. Weltkrieg

Colditz (1972) Cast and Crew, Trivia, Quotes, Photos, News and Videos -  FamousFix

Colditz – TV Series (1972) | The PCN Channel

Colditz (TV Series 1972–1974) - IMDb

Der Kommandant (Bernard Hepton)

Colditz Characters List - FamousFix

Hauptmann Ulmann, + Neuilly-sur-Seine, 3. April  2020

Katie and Claire on Twitter: "Anthony Valentine as Major Horst Mohn in  Colditz- part 2 #colditzwatch https://t.co/tX8y2w2IVE" / Twitter

Major Horst Mohn

Colditz Season 2 | Radio Times



on a less serious note - from Hogan's Heroes

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