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Husaren-Regiment 3, peaked cap


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A peaked cap for Unteroffiziere, ca. 1897-1900 in the typical low form of the period, and with the Reichskokarde for other ranks of

Husaren-Regiment von Zieten (Brandenburgisches) No. 3, based in Rathenow, belonging to the III. Army Corps.

At the time peaked caps were not permitted for the other ranks of the cavalry, these were first permitted as from 1912

The cap is as per the Attila (jacket), bright red, and has a darkblue band piped in white. Prussian- and Reichskokarde in ranks and n.c.o. version. The peak has been re-attached at a later date and is not originally from the period. Brown leather sweat band and cream coloured liner with silver embossed maker mark:
          Herm. Salender
- gegenüber der Kaserne -
and has an embossed Royal Prussian coat of arms, which would deem the maker as by appointment to the royal household.

In this regiment served quite a few members of the Prussian and other Royal Houses, amongst others was Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught, Herzog zu Sachsen, K.H., who in 1914 changed sides, serving as Governor General of Canada, renouncing all German titles in 1917. Ernst August of Braunschweig was also "à la suite des Regiments", holding the rank of Rittmeister in 1913, when he married the daughter of the Kaiser, Viktoria Luise, Prinzessin von Preußen.






Emblem for the sabretâche of most Husaren-Regiments with white facing lace.




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A picture from my archive. Uniform of Husaren-Regiment 3 as worn in full dress - with the so-called "Gala-Reithose", which was seldom worn, these were usually in various different colours to the normal dark blue, with gold or silver lace, as appropriate - with the "Dolman" or "Pelz" as it was known, and the barrel sash (Schärpe). Missing here is the sabretâche, monogram for which is at the top right of the photo. A straight horsehair plume (top left) was attached behind the cockade.

An undated photo of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, Herzog zu Sachsen in the uniform of the Rathenower Husaren, standing next to Edward VII. of England (the Kaiser's uncle) in the uniform of 1st Dragoon Guards. This uniform of the Duke of Connaught is in the collection of the Imperial War Museum and was displayed for many years.





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Improved photos added.

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