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The wound badge was instutued in March 1918 for wounds sustained. The Gold award for 5-6 wounds, Silver for 3-4 and Black for 1-2 wounds.

Due to wartime shortages, these were of stamped zinc or iron, with a hollow back, and usually a rounded iron pin. There are also the "cutout" variations, often worn by officers.

After the war, issues continued till around 1936. Later examples were sometimes made in better quality metal. Some examples of the wound badge in sterling or silver alloy are known.



Depicted are examples of the standard isssue of March 1918, Gold and Black are in pressed iron, the silver example is of zinc, and a real silver example on a screwback fitting, this being probably the mid 1920s.





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A better image of the silver and black wound badges of 1918
The silver badge is made of Zinc (Kriegsmetall), pin retainer missing, the black version is of Iron.





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