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Some popular actors and actresses previously encountered and other celebrities

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Two famous actors, i.e., actor and actress previously encountered.


Hans-Christian Blech, born in Darmstadt, 1915, died in München, 1993, a familiar face in many war films, mostly playing a German villain.

Although he lived in latter years in Munich, I used to see him occasionally pass by my window, while I was living in up north (Eilbek).

He would give you a look, which was like a greeting from an old friend without even saying a word. See illustration, which was made around 1990.


Eva-Maria Bauer, born, Hamburg, 1923, died in Hamburg, 2006, played in many tv-comedies and series, especially in Austria and Bavaria. She had an enormous bungalow in the residential part of Wandsbek-Marienthal, and we often used to see her in her front garden, and she would wave, as she knew Birgitt quite well. Birgitt was the daughter of Oberfeldwebel Walter Neusüss, see under further articles.

Eva-Maria is depicted here in the popular tv crime series "Tatort", here with Hans-Jörg Felmy (whose father was General Helmuth Felmy of the Luftwaffe) and Willy Semmelrogge.






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Hans Christian Blech was a great actor and appeared in some of my favourite films , The Bridge at Remagen, The Battle of the Bulge and The Longest Day. During the war he joined the German army in 1940 and served as a German infantryman on the Eastern front from 1941 to 1944 where he received his famous scars. His rank was Feldwebel when he was captured by the British in May 1945.

Major Werner Pluskat The longest Day 1962

Cpl. Conrad Battle of the Bulge 1965

Captain Carl Schmidt Bridge at Remagen 1968






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No, these are not censored. The one I meant, worked for a while, until the said notice appeared.


Hans Christian Blech was quite a charakter. I often saw him wearing a long cream coloured single breasted trenchcoat (probably Burberry). He looked very "unauffällig", you wouldn't otherwise recognise him on the street, until too late. Probably the best of his roles was as Feldwebel Platzek in Null-Acht-fünfzehn - 08/15 by Hans-Helmut Kirst, played together with Hans-Joachim Fuchsberger, recently deceased, in the setting of an Artillery Regiment (3) in peacetime, part I ending with the outbreak of war in September 1939. It shows the pettiness, intrigues and Schikanes (Engl.word?) of daily life in the "Kaserne", and how Gefreiter Asch always comes out top - because he is simply too "clever" for the dumb "Kommiß-Schleifer). In the end, Platzek gets tranferred to the Pulverfabrik Saumagen, in order to learn how to properly deal with "explosives". Luckily there is still a little bit of justice left, thanks to the Abteilungschef - section chief, Major Luschke, who is from the old school.


08/15 is a film really worth seeing. It is in 3 parts. These old actors all took part in the war, so they know what it's all about. Fuchsberger was in the HJ, Hardy Krüger was also in the HJ - Adolf-Hitler-Schule (AHS), Klaus Kinsky was in the Wehrmacht, etc., etc.

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I've never seen that film before , but managed to find it. I can only find two parts is this the complete film or is the third part missing?

Another film I saw years ago but have never found since was set on the Eastern Front, I'm not sure if it was German made but near the end a German soldier went into a church or building which was filled with Italian soldiers , they might even have been all frozen, does that ring any bells?

You tube clip has now been removed.

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The film is not only very entertaining, but also very informatiive and really goes into smallest details of everyday life in those days.

In all, there are three main parts -

Part 1 - 08/15 (peactime)

Part II - this in Russia

Part III - In der Heimat (last phase of the war, when everythi´ng was collapsing, and everyones first concern was to save their skins)


My set I got about 8 years ago from WELTBILD in Augsburg via mail - book and videos were their mainstay, but they have reduced this, and only deal in odds and ends, pity.

This business somehow ran itself down, and many publications of this sort have disappeared from public sale, same applies to KARSTADT, which you might know. They also used to have a good selection of books, but discontinued this. You might well find under AMAZON, look for 08/15 Trilogie - which is the 3-part set.

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Another great one from the North was Heinz Reinke, born in Kiel, 1925, died in Purkersdorf nr.Wien, Sept.2011. He was in Hamburg quite a bit and lived there, but was for many years in Wien, as are many actors. He is more known at home and in the German speaking territories, but has had quite a few roles in international films over the years from the early postwar days till recently. He played in the Longest Day as Josef Priller, one of the only two Luftwaffe pilots over Normandy, and also in the Bridge at Remagen as the Ortsgruppenleiter and Hotel manager in a small town, etc. For years in Vienna, he also had Austrian citizenship.


I never actually met Reinke, but I have known his son for many years, Thomas Reinke, who now lives in Kiel, and I have not seen him for some time. He is quite the opposite of his father.


Here in the series "Heimatgeschichten" with Inge Meysel:



and "Neues aus Büttenwarder" . was one of his last popular series:















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I remember him in the Bridge at Remagen "I'm only a humble inn keeper" as he tries to swallow his party badge :D

Talking of Priller, we have a nice Hans Ulrich Rudel signed letter in stock in which he mentions Priller.



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Also - "The Longest Day" - if you remember the scene with the lonely airfield with two Messerschmitts - the telephone call order to scramble and the flight over the beaches strafing with very little amunition to spare?

The note from Rudel I saw already. He was quite well known to some people in the North, although he lived elsewhere and much abroad - I remember some of his things were auctioned from the late eighties till the early nineties by Hanseatisches Auktionshaus in Hamburg - no longer existant.. They also had his Ritterkreuz with the Golden Eichenlaub and Swords and Brillies, which I saw in the glass case, can't remember the starting price.

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Rudels post war exploits were just as interesting as his war time ones, working for Stroessner, Perón and Pinochet. He was quite a character.

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Just found that Josef Priller died 20. May 1961 in Böbing/Oberbayern at the age of 46 from a sudden heart attack. He was buried at the Westfriedhof in Augsburg. He was not very old.


Josef Priller, Westfriedhof Augsburg

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That's a shame and explains why Rudel had not heard from him.

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In those days there was no internet. But almost everyone was in the telephone books, but so many for each region/city.

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Not personally encountered, but another famous actor, "the man you'd love to hate...". Anton Diffring, played in many rôles as a German officer, etc. Lived for many years in the UK, from where he played his most prominent parts. I'm sure everyone will remember him.

After studying acting in Berlin and Vienna, Anton Diffring headed to America via Canada to start his film career. World War II was declared and he was interned in Canada as a subversive. Released after the war, he continued to Hollywood but had little success. The 1950's found him in England where the studio's were making war movies. With his fair hair, stern face and chiseled german features, he was perfect for casting as a Nazi. His career soared appearing in numerious films, portraying vile, despicable Nazi villains. He appeared in some American movies, "Where Eagles Dare" and the "Colditz Story" but his mainstay was in English productions. Among castings in over one hundred movies were parts in "Counterpoint," "Operation Daybreak" and "Zeppelin." He was a regular on the TV series "Assignment Vienna" with guest appearences in the mini-series "The Winds of War." Diagnosed with cancer, he continued to work up until the disease took his life at his residence located in the South of France at Chateauneuf-Grasse.

Birth 20 Oct 1916
Koblenz, Landkreis Altenburger Land, Thüringen, Germany
Death 20 May 1989 (aged 70)
Chateauneuf-Grasse, Departement des Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Burial White Colne, Braintree District, Essex, England

Anton Diffring.jpg



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Anton Diffring was a great actor here he is as Reinhard Heydrich in Operation Daybreak.


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Some notable German actors and actresses


Hubert von Meyerinck, Schauspieler par excellence, here some Anekdoten and phrases from the Prussian Military... (in German of course),
absolutely classical for those who understand... "Zack! Zack! seldom laughed so much" Military Jokes:

http://udorotenberg.blogspot.com/search/label/Hubert von Meyerinck

More actors, 1930 - 1980

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Jan Fedder, R.I.P., died yesterday in Hamburg, aged 64



In "Neues aus Büttenwarder", popular tv-series.


In "Großstadtrevier", popular tv-series


"Das Boot", 1981

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That's sad, 64 is not old these days. I remember he played Petty Officer Pilgrim and almost gets swept off the submarine during a storm which was actually a genuine accident during filming. Fedder broke several ribs and was hospitalised for a while, U boots are dangerous even in the movies.   


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Yes, there were recent news reports that he was  bravely struggling with cancer. It was Mundhöhlenkrebs. I don't think he even smoked.


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Sonja Ziemann, Famous post-war actress

* Eichwalde b. Potsdam, 1926,
+ München, 17.2.2020

aged 94, died last Monday at her home in München, as reported by DIE WELT. She had previously lived in St. Moritz and was married to Charles Regnier

Schwarzwaldmädel (1950) Sonja Ziemann, Rudolf Prack Den Maler Hans Hauser (Rudolf Prack) zieht es in den Schwarzwald. Der Grund ist die schoene Baerbele (Sonja Ziemann). Regie: Hans Deppe , [ Rechtehinweis: picture alliance/United Archives ]

She was a living symbol of the German "Leitkultur". As a Black Forest Maiden Sonja Ziemann became the face of the post-war German Cinema. With Prussian discipline she played every rôle from operetta to anti-war film.
Optimistic, confident and uncomplicated. Those were the qualities of the young actress, who in 1950 won the hearts of the German cinema public. A public who, after the stars of the NS-period,  wanted to see new, guiltless faces on the cinema screen. Sonja Ziemann fulfilled this requirement in almost typically idea ways.
Amongst her greatest film rôles, she played in the film "Nacht fiel vor Gotenhafen", 1959
After the death of her third husband, Charles Regnier, she withdrew from public life, lived in St. Moritz, and finally in Munich, where she died at the age of 94.

Sie war die lebende Leitkultur: Als „Schwarzwaldmädel“ wurde Sonja Ziemann zum Gesicht des deutschen Nachkriegskinos. Mit preußischer Disziplin spielte sie alles, von der Operette bis zum Antikriegsfilm. Nun ist sie gestorben. 
Optimistisch, selbstbewusst und unkompliziert: Dies waren willkommene Eigenschaften einer jungen Schauspielerin, die 1950 die Herzen des deutschen Kinopublikums im Sturm eroberte. Ein Publikum, das nach den Stars der NS-Zeit neue, unverbrauchte Gesichter auf der Leinwand sehen wollte. Die junge Sonja Ziemann erfüllte dieses Bedürfnis auf beinah idealtypische Art.
Unter anderem spielte sie im Film Nacht fiel vor Gotenhafen (1959).
Nach dem Tod ihres dritten Ehemanns, des Schauspielers Charles Regnier, zog sich Sonja Ziemann ins Privatleben zurück, lebte in St. Moritz und zuletzt in München, wo sie am Montag starb. Sie wurde 94 Jahre alt
Bildergebnis für sonja ziemannBildergebnis für sonja ziemannBildergebnis für sonja ziemann
Bildergebnis für sonja ziemann
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Here is a clip of Jan Fedder, also interesting for me as a Beatles fan is the bass players guitar, a rare Höfner 500/1 bass guitar as used by Paul McCartney. A major boost for this bass came in early 1961 when it caught the eye of a young McCartney. In July 1961, before Stuart Sutcliffe decided to leave the Beatles, he briefly lent McCartney his bass guitar which he had bought in Hamburg until the latter could earn enough to buy a Höfner bass guitar of his own in 1961. H500@1-62-0_1.jpg

Karl Höfner, founded the Höfner company in the city of Schönbach in 1887, at a time when the city, later part of the Czech Republic, was populated by Germans. He soon became the largest string instrument manufacturer in the country. During the war the Höfner company became involved in producing wooden crates and soles for boots for the German Army. After the war when the Germans were expelled from the Sudetenland, Höfner moved to West Germany where they opened their new  factory in Möhrendorf in 1948. Much of Höfner's popularity is attributed to Paul McCartney's use of the Höfner 500/1 bass throughout his career. This violin-shaped model is commonly referred to as the "Beatle bass".   




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April 2018, Eberhard "Hardy" Krüger turns 90
*12.April 1928-19. Januar 2022+

Hardy Krüger zum 90.: Vom NS-Eliteschüler zum Anti-Nazi - DER SPIEGEL

Eberhard "Hardy" Krüger now 92 years old, was a scholar at the Ordensburg Sonthofen

Eberhard Krüger in the uniform of the Adolf-Hitler-Schule Sonthofen. Born on 12. April 1928 in Berlin-Wedding, Krüger was accepted in 1941 by the Ordensburg Sonthofen: One of the three élite schools for NS leaders of the future. At first Krüger was proud of his acceptance, noticed quickly that everything of a military nature was repulsive to him: "In Sonthofen I developed an inferiority complex, and blamed myself that I wasn't happy there. The others were super - I was nothing."

In the Spring of 1945 he is hiding in bushes. He knew nothing of life, just of killing. As the Americans passed by in the sights of his weapon, the 16 year old hesitated. One soldier after another passes by without noticing anything.

What was for the GIs life, was death for the young SS soldier. After a 40 minute court martial, the SS-Standgericht decides on a death penalty, execution by firing squad.

73 years later the same Eberhard Krüger sits in his villa on the Alster and talks about his life, his survival. The whole world knows him as Hardy Krüger. He was 90 years old that Thursday (April 2018). Not many survive that - and in the case of Hardy Krüger it verges on a miracle. "I have to be thankful to fate", he commented to the journalists.


Nazi-Nachwuchs: Eberhard Krüger in der Uniform des Adolf-Hitler-Schülers. Am 12. April 1928 in Berlin-Wedding geboren, wurde Krüger 1941 auf der Ordensburg Sonthofen aufgenommen: eine von drei Kaderschmieden, in denen die Nationalsozialisten Führungspersonal ausbilden wollten. Zunächst war Krüger stolz auf seine die Aufnahme, stellte aber er schnell fest, dass ihm insbesondere alles Militärische dort zuwider war: "Ich habe in Sonthofen einen Minderwertigkeitskomplex entwickelt, mir selbst die Schuld dafür gegeben, dass es mir dort nicht gefallen hat. Die anderen waren super - ich war nichts."

Im Frühjahr 1945 liegt ein junger Mann im Unterholz. Er weiß nicht viel vom Leben, aber viel vom Töten. Doch als die Gesichter der amerikanischen Soldaten im Fadenkreuz seiner Waffe erscheinen, zögert der 16-Jährige. Ein Soldat nach dem anderen zieht vorbei, nichts ahnend.

Was für die GIs das Leben bedeutet, bedeutet für den jungen SS-Soldaten den Tod. Nach nur 40 Minuten Prozess fällt das SS-Standgericht sein Urteil: Eberhard August Franz Ewald Krüger wird mit dem Tode durch Erschießen bestraft.

73 Jahre später sitzt dieser Eberhard Krüger in einer Villa an der Hamburger Alster und spricht über sein Leben, sein Überleben. Alle Welt kennt ihn als Hardy Krüger. Am Donnerstag wird er 90 Jahre alt. Nicht viele schaffen das – und bei Hardy Krüger grenzt es an ein Wunder. „Ich muss dem Schicksal dankbar sein“, sagt er im Gespräch mit dieser Redaktion.

Krüger wird Schüler auf der NS-Ordensburg Sonthofen

1928 in Berlin geboren, wird Hardy Krüger als Kind zum Nazi. Hitler steht zu Hause in Bronze auf dem Klavier, die Eltern sind Mitglieder der Partei. 1941 dann der Ritterschlag: Krüger wird Schüler auf der Ordensburg Sonthofen, einer nationalsozialistischen Kaderschmiede. „Hitlers Söhne“ werden die Jungs genannt. Doch der Drill, der Gehorsam und das Männerbündische sind nichts für den sensiblen und schmächtigen Jungen.

Da kommt das Angebot: Die Ufa dreht einen Propagandafilm mit Nachwuchsdarstellern – „Junge Adler“. Krüger nimmt an. Und während er vor der Kamera den treuen Nazi gibt, bricht hinter der Kamera seine Welt zusammen. Der Schauspieler Hans Söhnker, der selbst Juden zur Flucht verhilft, nimmt sich Krüger an, berichtet von den Lagern und den Verbrechen. Krüger glaubt ihm – vor dem Krieg rettet ihn das aber natürlich nicht.

Das Todesurteil gegen den 16-Jährigen wird nicht vollstreckt

Im März 45 ist jener Krieg zwar verloren, das Sterben aber noch nicht beendet. Aus 16-Jährigen wird die Waffen-SS-Division „Nibelungen“ aufgebaut. Von 120 fallen im ersten Gefecht 82. Krüger überlebt. Schließlich jener Einsatz als Spähtrupp im Unterholz mit anschließendem Todesurteil.

Doch statt ihn zu erschießen, setzt ein SS-Offizier den aufmüpfigen Krüger als Meldegänger zwischen den Fronten ein. „Er wollte es dem lieben Gott überlassen, ob ich überlebe“, erzählt Krüger. Er überlebt – und desertiert. Tagelang schleicht er durch die bayerischen Wälder, bis ein US-Soldat mit gezogener Waffe vor ihm steht. Der schießt nicht, und Krüger ergibt sich.

Aus der anschließenden Haft flieht Krüger und läuft nach Hause. Dort angekommen, muss er sich ein neues Leben aufbauen. „Durch die Schicksalsschläge habe ich eine unglaubliche Lust am Leben bekommen“, erklärt er. Dank alter Ufa-Kontakte spielt er kleine Rollen in Fernsehproduktionen. Doch die heile Filmwelt der frühen Bundesrepublik erträgt er nicht.

Den jungen Schauspieler zieht es ins Ausland

Krüger geht nach Paris, später nach London. Der britische Überraschungserfolg „Einer kam durch“ macht ihn 1957 zum Star. Er dreht mit John Wayne („Hatari“, 1962), James Stewart („Der Flug des Phönix“,1965) und Sean Connery („Die Brücke von Arnheim“, 1977).

Photos/Report: Der Spiegel / Berliner Morgenpost


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Further famous actors and actresses


Lale Andersen, 1905-1972


Marlene Dietrich, 1901-1992

Porträt des Schauspieler Heinrich George by Thomas Staedeli

Heinrich George, 1893-1946, KZ-Sachsenhausen

Götz George ist tot: So reagieren Ferres, Liefers, Maas und Co.

Götz Georg, 1938-2016

Horst Buchholz – Wikipedia

Horst Buchholz, 1933-2003

Straßennamen-Posse: Schade, dass Günter Pfitzmann keine Frau war - WELT

Günter Pfitzmann, 1924-2003

Vicco von Bülow (*1923) · Portrait

Vicco von Bülow, 1923-2011


Manfred Krug, 1937-2016


Iris Berben, *1950

Alexandra Maria Lara - IMDb

Alexandra Maria Lara, *1978

Karl Lagerfeld – Wikipedia

Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019

Bruno Ganz • Salzburger Festspiele

Bruno Ganz, 1941-2019

Senta Berger im Stil-Fragebogen

Senta Berger, *1941-

Pin auf Drombusch

Witta Pohl, *1937 in Königsberg, 2011 in Hamburg+

Maximilian Schell – Wikipedia

Maximilian Schell, 1930-2014

Maria Schell - DFF.FILM

Maria Schell, 1926-2005

O.W. FISCHER (Otto Wilhelm Fischer,1915-2004) österreichischer Schauspieler  & RUTH LEUWERIK (1924-2016) deutsche Schauspielerin by O.W. FISCHER (Otto  Wilhelm Fischer,1915-2004) österreichischer Schauspieler & RUTH LEUWERIK  (1924-2016) deutsche ...

O.W. Fischer, 1915-2004

Ruth Leuwerik ist tot - DER SPIEGEL

Ruth Leuwerik, 1924-2016

Hannelore Elsner – Wikipedia

Hannelore Elsner, 1942-2019

Not last, and certainly not least:
Um Himmels Willen -

Janina Hartwig als Ordensschwester Hanna Jakobi

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Christiane Hörbiger - Infos und Filme

Christiane Hörbiger, *13.10.1938 - 30.11.2022+

Paul Hörbiger - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Paul Hörbiger, 1894-1981

47 Attila Hoerbiger Bilder und Fotos - Getty Images

Attila Hörbiger, 1896-1987

Hildegard Knef“ von Everett Collection als Wandbild oder Poster |  Posterlounge

In Erinnerung an Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef, 1925-2002

Gunnar Möller | filmportal.de

Gunnar Möller, 1928-2017

Brigitte Horney

Brigitte Horney, 1911-1988


Hans von Borsody, 1929 - 2013

Wolfgang Preiss - IMDb

Wolfgang Preiss, 1910-2002


Joachim Hansen, 1930-2007

Marianne Koch wird 90: Ihr Leben ist eine große Selbstbehauptung

Marianne Koch, *19.8.1931

Helmut Griem - IMDb

Helmut Griem - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Horst Frank, 1929-1999
Helmut Griehm (r.) 1932-2004

Mady Rahl - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Mady Rahl, 1915-2009

Ursula Herwig - IMDb

Ursula Herwig, 1935-1977

Pin auf Deutsche Schauspieler †

Erik Schumann, 1915-2007

TATJANA IWANOW (1925-1979) ПЕРВАЯ РУССКАЯ ЛЕДИ МЮЗИКЛА. Обсуждение на  LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

Tatjana Iwanow, 1925-1979

Dietmar Schönherr – Wikipedia

Dietmar Schönherr (Gaston), 1925-2014

تويتر \ Iron Cross Magazine على تويتر: "Eduard Kiefer (Til Kiwe), actual  recipient of the Knight's Cross later portrayed German soldiers in several  war movies incl. The Longest Day, The Great Escape

Til Kiwe, 1910-1995

Willy Millowitsch in den Menschen des Tages, 08.01.2021 - schmusa.de

Willy Milowitsch, 1909-1999

Johannes Heesters Altersgeheimnis: Disziplin, gesundes Leben und die  positive Einstellung, dass ich mich als glücklichen Menschen sehe, auch  wenn ich mich manchmal etwas einsam fühle. An Heiligabend ist Joopie im  Alter von

Johannes Heesters, *1903-2011+

Johannes Heesters und die SS: Graf Danilo in Dachau - Kultur - Tagesspiegel

and in a wartime photo (r.)

Fritz Wepper: So geht es ihm nach der Tumor-Operation | STERN.de

Fritz Wepper (r.), *1941


Elmar Wepper, *1944

Leute: Klausjürgen Wussow - ein Leben zwischen Extremen - WELT

Klausjürgen Wussow, 1929-2007

Barbara Wussow offenbart trauriges Geheimnis | GALA.de

Barbara Wussow, *1961

Bernhard Wicki - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Bernhard Wicki, 1916-2000


Claus-Maria Brandauer, *1943


Lieselotte Pulver, *1929


Ingrid Steeger, *1947

Curd Jürgens | Moviepilot.de

Curd Jürgens, *13.12.1915 - 18.6.1982*

Junge Ingrid Bergman Film Film Schauspieler Foto Vintage - Etsy Schweiz

Ingrid Bergmann, *29.8.1915 - 29.8.1982+

Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress • Größe, Gewicht, Maße, Alter, Biographie, Wiki

Ursula Andress, *19.3.1936, Ostermundingen, Kanton Bern

Actress Anita Ekberg Pin Up 5X7 8X10 or 11X14 Publicity - Etsy Schweiz

Anita Ekberg, *29.9.1931 - 11.1.2015+

Britt Ekland – Wikipedia

Brit Ekland, *6.10.1942 in Stockholm

Diane Cilento - IMDb

Diane Cilento, *5.10.1933 - 6.10.2011*

Roger Moore – Wikipedia

Roger Moore, *14.10.1927 - 23.5.2017+

Enchantment, David Niven, 1948 Photograph by Everett | Pixels

David Niven, *1.3.1910 - 29.7.1983+

... Unicef-Botschafter zeigte er sich im August 2003 in Kiel mit Schleswig-Holsteins Ministerpräsidentin Heide Simonis: Die bundesweite Aktion "Friendship - Freunde für UNICEF hatte zum Ziel, 10.000 neue Unicef-Fördermitglieder zu gewinnen. Die ...

Sir Peter Ustinov v. Ustinova, *16.4.1921 - 28.3.2004+

Sophia Loren am Filmset Bild - Kaufen / Verkaufen

Sophia Loren, *1934

Wie sieht der 60-jährige Sohn von Brigitte Bardot heute aus, den sie damals  aufgegeben hat

Brigitte Bardot, 1934

Gina Lollobrigida: „Ich bin müde. Man sollte mich in Frieden sterben  lassen“ - WELT

Gina Lollobrigida, *1927

So sieht Claudia Cardinale heute aus

Claudia Cardinale, *1927

James Bond Legende: Das machte Sean Connerys Style so einzigartig | GQ  Germany

Sean Connery, *1936-2020+

Gert Fröbe – Wikipedia

Gerd Fröbe, 1913-1988

Ilja Richter ("disco") wettert gegen ZDF, Kollegen werfen ihm Arroganz vor  - "Keiner von uns mochte ihn" – TV Wunschliste

Ilja Richter, *1952


Peter Weck, *1930


Jutta Speidel, *1954


Rudi Carrell, 1934-2006

Theo Lingen - Wikipedia

Theo Lingen, 1903-1978

Dieter Thomas Heck - Alles über den Vater & Moderator der ZDF-Hitparade

Dieter-Thomas Heck, 1937-2018

73 Carlheinz Hollmann Bilder und Fotos - Getty Images

Karl Heinz Hollmann, 1930-2004 and Gerti Hollmann

Max Schmeling - Sein Leben in Bildern | NDR.de - Sport - legenden

Max Schmeling, 1905-2005. Boxer, Sportsmann, Paratrooper, Businessman
with his wife, Czech born Anny Ondra

Hans Albers: Vor 50 Jahren starb der blonde Hans - Kultur - Stuttgarter  Nachrichten

Hans Albers, 1891-1960

Wer waren Hans und Blanca Moser? | MedUni Wien

Hans Moser, 1880-1954

Otto Gebühr. von Gebühr, Otto - Eggler, Hans F.: (1928) Signed by Author(s)  | Antiquariat Les-art

Otto Gebühr, 1877-1964

Stichtag - 30. Mai 1910: Geburtstag der Schauspielerin Inge Meysel -  Stichtag - WDR

Inge Meisel, 1910-2004

Hans Clarin........"Pumuckl" | Berühmte gesichter, Schauspieler, Darsteller

Erinnerung An Hans Clarin: Pumuckl sorgt für ewigen Ruhm

Hans Clarin, 1929-2005

Der Hammerbayer: Volksschauspieler Gustl Bayrhammer | Bayern 2 | Radio |  BR.de

Gustl Bayrhammer, *München, 12.2.1922 - 24.4.1993+, Krailing

Emil Jannings | Filme, Portrait und mehr bei Save.TV

Emil Jannings, 1884-1950

Quax, der Bruchpilot": Fragwürdiger Kassenerfolg mit Doppeldecker | NDR.de  - Geschichte - Chronologie

Heinz Rühmann, 1902-1994

Hertha Feiler - IMDb

Hertha Feiler, 1902-1970

Victor de Kowa – Karl-May-Wiki

Viktor de Kowa, 1904-1973

Karl May: Biografie & Werk - Karl May Museum Radebeul

Karl May, 1842-1912

Magda Schneider - IMDb

Magda Schneider, 1909-1996

Sarah Biasini spricht über den Tod von Romy Schneider: »Ihr Tod erinnert  mich an die Leere in mir« - DER SPIEGEL

Romy Schneider, 1938-1982

O.W. FISCHER (Otto Wilhelm Fischer,1915-2004) österreichischer Schauspieler  & RUTH LEUWERIK (1924-2016) deutsche Schauspielerin by O.W. FISCHER (Otto  Wilhelm Fischer,1915-2004) österreichischer Schauspieler & RUTH LEUWERIK  (1924-2016) deutsche ...

AK Portrait vom Schauspieler O. W. Fischer ernst schauend | 7916036 | Alte  Ansichtskarten / Postkarten

O.W. Fischer (König Ludwig film)

Gustav Knuth

Gustav Knuth, 1901-1987

Rolf Kutschera - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Rolf Kutschera  (l.) (Graf Max Holnstein), 1916-2012

Robert Meyn – Filme, Bio und Listen auf MUBI

Robert Meyn, 1896-1972

Nach Romy Schneider und Karlheinz Böhm: Neue Sisi und neuer Franz gefunden!  - Serien News - FILMSTARTS.de

Karlheinz Böhm, 1928-2014

Alain Delon Archivdruck in Weiß von Jean-Pierre Bonnotte bei Pamono kaufen

Alain Délon, *1935


Josef Meinrad, 1913-1996

O.E. Hasse - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

O.E. Hasse, 1903-1978

08/15 (1954) - Film | cinema.de

Joachim Fuchsberger, 1927-2014

Emmerich Schrenk - Über diesen Star | cinema.de

Emmerich Schrenk (r), 1915-1988

Mario Adorf über Geld: Ich war bezahlbar, aber nicht käuflich - DER SPIEGEL

Mario Adorf, *1930

Hans Christian Blech – Filme, Bio und Listen auf MUBI

Hans Christian Blech, 1915-1993

08/15″-Star Peter Carsten gestorben

Peter Carsten, 1928-2012

Eva-Ingeborg Scholz - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Eva-Ingeborg Scholz, *1928

International - Joachim «Blacky» Fuchsberger ist gestorben - Glanz & Gloria  - SRF

Gundula Korte, *1930

08/15 (2.Teil)

Helen Vita, 1928-2001


Paul Bösiger, 1929-1977

Reinhard Glemnitz - Bilder - Star - TV SPIELFILM

Reinhard Gleimnitz (l), 1930

The Bridge (1959)

Hans Elwenspoek (l), 1910-1989

Horst Caspar

Horst Caspar, 1913-1952


Kristine Söderbaum, 1912-2001

Le mystère von Stroheim

Erich von Stroheim, 1885-1957

Carl Laemmle - Wikipedia

Cardl Lämmle, 1867-1939

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  • Fritz changed the title to Some popular actors and actresses previously encountered and other celebrities

3000. Folge - Sturm der Liebe - ARD | Das Erste

Dirk Galuba (centre), *1940

3000. Folge: „Sturm der Liebe“ feiert Jubiläum

Sepp Schauer, * 1929 as Alphons and Antje Hagen as Hildegard, *10.8.(?)

Melanie Wiegmann – Wikipedia

Natascha Schweitzer as Melanie Wiegmann, *1972

Mona Seefried 2015

Mona Seefried, 1957

Rote Rosen, Folge 1, cast as before


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Christiane Hörbiger +

Starke Frauen waren ihr Metier: Christiane Hörbiger ist tot - SWYRL,  Entertainment-Themen, die dich begeistern.

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