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Royal Prussian Railways - K.P.E.V. and Feuerwehr

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A steel plate bearing the Prussian Heraldic Eagle, with letters K.P.E.V. to the four corners. The plate is coated in iron red to the rear and to the front edges, the eagle image and background have been accurately colour printed in a lacquer paintwork, which shows hairline cracks, spidering and mild signs of age.

K.P.E.V. stands for Königlich Preußischer Eisenbahn Verkehrsbetrieb. These shields were attached to each passenger waggon, and were in use till just after the end of the Monarchy on 9th November 1918.


This particular example I purchased for a modest sum at the Islington Market in London at the beginning of the 1970s. Must now be very scarce, I can't remember seeing another one, and in very good condition for age.


Next illustrations are of long service awards for personnel of the Prussian Railways for 25, resp. 40 years service. To the reverse is a mark by Joh.Wagner & Sohn, Berlin W. and 800 Silver. The badge for 40 years service is partly gilded. Awarded 1905-1918.


A further badge illustrated is a Feuerwehr long service badge awarded till the end of the monarchy in 1918. It is surmounted by the Prussian Crown and two fire service axes and bears the image of Wilhelm II.   The inscription is - "Für Verdienste um das Feuerlöschwesen". Awarded 1908-1918. After 1920 the Republic of Prussia (Free State) issued a new badge with a heraldic eagle in place of the Kaiser's image.







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Improved pictures added.

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