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III. (Brandenburgisches) Armee-Korps


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Grenadier-Regiment Prinz Carl von Preussen (2.Brandenburgisches) No.12, fieldgrey economy pattern 1914/15. Garrison: Frankfurt/Oder
Infanterie-Regiment Graf Tauentzien von Wittenberg (3.Brandenburgisches) No.20, Wittenberg
Infanterie-Regiment Markgraf Karl (7.Brandenburgisches) No.60, Weißenburg - this regiment belonged to the XXI. Armee-Korps (previously III.)
Infanterie-Regiment Generalfeldmarschall Prinz Friedrich-Karl von Preussen (8.Brandenburgisches) No.64, Prenzlau, I.u.II.Btl. / III. Bataillon, Angermünde


Infanterie-Regiment von Stülpnagel (5.Brandenburgisches) No.48, Cüstrin
Infanterie-Regiment von Alvensleben (6.Brandenburgisches) No.52, Cottbus / I.Btl. in Crossen
Infanterie-Regiment 60 (see previous items)


Grenadier-Regiment 12 (see previous)
Infanterie-Regiment 64 - older pattern ca. 1860-70
Infanterie-Regiment 64 (variant with Kapitulanten lace)


Infanterie-Regiment Grossherzog Friedrich-Franz von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (4.Brandenburgisches) No.24
Garrison: Neuruppin. A not quite matching pair.


Füsilier-Regiment Prinz Heinrich (Brandenburgisches) Nr. 35, left strap with Kapitulantenlitze
Early pattern 1908 with red corps piping, and new pattern, Sept. 1915 with white universal piping.


Leibgrenadier-Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm III. (Brandenburgisches) Nr. 8, Frankfurt/O.
2. Hannoversches Infanterie-Regiment 77  (X. Armee-Korps, not related to this topic)

Differences in manufacture and style, as these all not all from the same period, some may be as early as mid 19th Century through till 1914.

After the fall of the "Iron Curtain" 1989/90 a lot of older militaria emerged into the market. A lot of these articles I aquired in mid 1990s.

See also previous articles on Leib-Grenadier-Regiment 8 and Füsilier-Regiment 35










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The "economy pattern" was not introduced until January of 1915. In German, this pattern is known as the "vereinfachter Muster" (simplified pattern). 

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Vereinfachtes Muster - also introduced, vereinfachter Waffenrock, with rear waist buttons, no skirt piping and buttons, plain turn-up cuff (Rollumschläge)
with piped front and piped collar.

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