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Bavaria - Insignia


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Bavarian cap cockades:

Other ranks' field cap (stitched on)

Pair of rank buttons for Feldwebel, M.1916, silver subdued (see previous article)

Rank buttons for Gefreiter, gold, various singles, one right and two left, pre 1916




Bayern, Sergent - Feldwebel, Rangknöpfe

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Bavarian Shoulder Insignia:


A single shoulder piece for a Leutnant of 6. Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm (Note the Imperial Crown! Monogram introduced, 16.6.1902))

Garrison: Amberg, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1725

A pair for a Hauptmann in 12. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Arnulf

Garrison: Neu-Ulm, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1814


A single for other ranks of 1. Infanterie-Regiment König - the monogram stands for Maxilimilian Joseph, the first King of Bavaria, 1806

Garrison: München, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1778

A pair for other ranks of 2. Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz (8.Kompagnie) - monogram EM stands for Kurfürst Maximilian Emanuel von Bayern, reigned 1679-1726

Garrison: München, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1682


A pair for 3. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Karl von Bayern (6.Kompagnie) - monogram I.R.P.C.3 (Prinz Karl von Bayern)

Garrison: Augsburg, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1698

A pair for a Leutnant in 2. or 3. Train-Bataillon, ca. 1914 (numbers are missing, the interwoven blue is clearly visible)


Shoulder detail of Infanterie-Leib-Regiment (3.Kompagnie)

Garrison: München, I. Bav.Armee-Korps, raised 1814

This was the only regiment in the Bavarian Army that wore "Litzen" on collars and cuffs.

All Bavarian infantry regiments wore red shoulder straps, the field artillery also.


A further regiment wore a crowned L monogram, 10. I.R. König Ludwig III., introduced in 1913. Two Bavarian Field Artillery regiments also wore monograms, the 1st and 7th.

Apart from those listed, no further monograms were worn in Bavaria.









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Shoulder strap for a one-year volunteer with

Königlich Bayerisches 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment  Prinz-Regent Luitpold

for the coloured peacetime uniform. The button should be slightly smaller.



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