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Military Music Instruments


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Examples of a Bugle and a flute as issued to company musicians in the field.


The Bugle - Signalhorn M.1889 has maker marks of Philipp Reichel, Markneukirchen, 1915. To the front is a medallion bearing the Prussian heraldic eagle with sceptre and sword. There are two suspension rings for attaching a dark red leather adjustable strap with a sliding buckle. The bugle was always worn with a covering of red felt wrappings, later fieldgrey. This item was restored by a wind instrument maker, and this cost more than the item itself. This item was carried by buglers in the foot regiments. Cavalry trumpets were longer. A company in the field had several buglers. A bugler accompanied the commanding officers in the field to transmit signals for advance, retreat, etc. A drummer was also always present, to give the march tempo.


A flute - Flöte, wooden with end pieces made of Zinc, normally of white metal. and manufactured by Philipp Reichel, Markneukirchen in 1917. This bears the makers mark, with the date stamp and an Imperial Eagle. These were always carried in a cylindrical leather container attached to the belt. This instrument was also issued to each bugler, so that marches and military music could be played on the march, together with drummers. Virtually Unchanged since the 18th Century. These instruments were also used by the Wehrmacht.


Markneukirchen in Thüringen is still today, a centre for the (cottage-industry) manufacture of traditional music instruments.


Last illustration depicts the flute in it's belt-container and the (old pattern) bugle as worn with strap and covering. Illustration and text from "Das Deutsche Reichsheer" by Krickel & Lange, Berlin o.J. (1892)














The cavalry trumpet was considerably longer

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Text and further illustration added to, 13.September 2016

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Some Military trumpet signals: (click)
Rasch vorwärts


40 Alarm.mp3 35 Wecken 2. Post.mp3

more under: (MP3)



19 Rasch vorwaerts.mp3

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