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Gew.98 accessory - Mündungsschoner

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Muzzle cover - Mündungsschoner for a WW1 Gew 98 rifle.

Strangely enough this will not fit the WW1 Kar 98a, but only the G.98 (and also WW2 K.98)

Unlike the mass-produced WW2 examples, this is a piece that is manufactured with ultimate precision, just like a fine weapon, so is not just a cheap throwaway accessory. Theoreticly every G.98 should have had one of these. The muzzle front has a hinged flap, to enable the rifle to be fired without removing the cover. A steel arch fits neatly over the front sight, without hindering the aim. To the rear is a concealed spring fitting, enabling the object to be set on the barrel/front sight, or again to be removed. There are two small arsenal markings on the back of the arch, a crowned B cypher and below this, a T, significance of which I do not know. Some slight rust staining in places. These are sometimes seen in WW1 photographs.

The Mündungsschoner protected the muzzle not just against rain and dirt, but could also prevent physical damage to same.

A rare accessory for the G.98 and hard to obtain. First one I have seen so-far, and in my possession for several years now.











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