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Prussian Infanterie-Offiziers-Degen M.1889 - 2 variants


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2 Examples of Prussian Infanterie-Offiziers-Degen M.1889 (I.O.D:89)

These are both private purchase types with a folding guard. The length of blade could vary, deplending on the stature of the wearer.

One example is for officers of the Guards - the grip has an attached Guard Star in silver, gilt and enamels. The grips are bound in rayskin (Rochenhaut) with finely twisted silvered wire. All Fittings are of gilded brass. The handguard displays as always the Prussian heraldic eagle. The blade is nickel-plated. Scabbard of blackened steel with one suspension ring after 1908. Scabbard blackening has been renewed.

The second example is a sword of the infantry regiments of the line, bearing similar features as the first example. The grip is mounted with a

crowned WR II mongram for Wilhelm II. The scabbard has almost perfect original finish. The other German states such as Baden, Hessen, Württemberg and Saxony had their own type of officer sword. In Bavaria a sabre was worn.

All swords were constantly worn with a Portépée in the Prussian colours.

An example of a scabbard for an ordonnance issue sword is also shown. This bears a stamp: 77.8.1 for 8th Companie, Hannoverian Infantry Regt. 77, weapon no.1. These ordonnance items were usually issued to a Portépée-Feldwebel. Scabbards were worn blank (iron grey) up till about 1905, thereafter with a black finish.













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Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

Vorschriftsgemäße Bindung für unterschiedliche Blankwaffen, die nach dem Armeeverordnungsblatt Nr. 1 vom 4. Jan 1889 im vorschriftsmäßigen Gebrauch waren. Für den aus Traditionsgründen gelegentlich weiterhin getragenen Füsilier-Offizier-Säbel (z. B. Artikel 827 lt. Muster- und Preisbuch der Firma Carl Eickhorn vom 1. Nov. 1901) war die Portepee-Bindung wie für den sogenannten Löwenkopfsäbel üblich

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