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Kriegsmarine Insignia

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Kriegsmarine, Officers' shoulder pieces. Both are the type for inserting into the shoulder seams, removable, with screw attachment buttons

1. Korvettenkapitän (Major) for greatcoat, etc. dark blue underlay

2. Leutnant zur See for the white summer tunic, with white underlay.

Shoulder pieces were not worn by officers on the normal Bordjacke, these had cuff rank rings, etc.

The shoulder pieces also normally displayed the cypher of the branch of service. These indicated would be for normal seafaring or navigation branch - Allgemeine Seefahrt oder Nautische Richtung.


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Cap tallies:
Kriegsmarine, early wartime in gold thread
Schiffsartillerieschule (Kiel), gold thread, peacetime, unworn
Sperrabteilung (Kiel), gold thread, peacetime

Rank chevrons:
Funkgefreiter, naval blouse
Maschinen Obergefreiter, gold braid, parade jacket

Rank badges:

Oberbootsmannsmaat, for dress jacket
Sperrvormann, Qualification

Hauptgefreiter, large, very early pattern, Reichsmarine or earlier
Gefreiter, Küstenartillerie
Gefreiter, for naval blouse

Cap insignia:
Metal cap eagle for peaked cap, removable top
Eagle and cockade for overseas cap, unissued
Eagle and cockades for DD-Cap, both with pins missing, one with HK removed, this from the estate of Oberbootsmannsmaat St.Wieland, Unterseebootsflottilla Saltzwedel

Eagle and cockade for officers cap, gold wire, hand-woven, moth damage to latter
Eagle for peaked cap, machine-embroidered, ncos
Shoulder pieces for Deck-Offizier, quality gold lace, effects have been removed

Breast Eagles:
Machine-woven on navy backing, removed from uniform (blouse)
Machine-embroidered, removed from uniform blouse
Gold wire for officers tunic
Another extra fine quality gold wire with heavy moth damage

Gilt metal breast eagle for summer tunic, officer etc.
Gilt buttons 24mm and shoulder buttons with screw fitting on original manufacturers card
A post-war combination ribbon bar (1957) depicting the Iron Cross and U-Boot badge

Collar patches for fieldgrey land uniform, left unissued, right, on green backing, has been tunic removed
Breast eagle, woven on darkgreen backing, removed from tunic, early type
Breast eagle, woven on greygreen backing, unissued












Rimmed shoulder buttons for fieldgrey land uniform, 18 mm, khaki-bronze paint finish over aluminium
16 mm khaki-bronze paint finish, 16 mm, possibly for a cap M.42 or 43, not for shoulder boards. Rope edging.

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Trade badges (Tätigkeitsabzeichen), top row:
Allgemeine Seefahrt (Seestern / seastar) - general nautical personnel
Winker - signaller
Stabspersonal, Admiralität - admiralty staff
Marineflakpersonal - Naval flak
middle row:
Fernschreibpersonal - Teletype operator
Sanitätspersonal - medical personnel
Torpedomechaniker - torpedo mechanic
bottow row:
Schreiber - clerical personnel
Verwaltung - administration


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Nice collection Paul. :thumbsup:

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Musiker Maat, rank badge for white Summer uniform, rare.


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A later war Minesweeper badge / Minensucherabzeichen by Otto Placzek, Ausf. Schwerin, Berlin. Zinc with no gilding.




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A further group of 4 cap tallies, woven in gold thread, slightly dulled:

Linienschiff Schleswig-Holstein,
Entered service in 1908, fired the first shots in WW2 at Danzig-Westerplatte

Based in Mürwik

3. Schiffsstammabteilung der Ostsee 3.
Raised in Kiel, 1938, later to Eckernförde and Waren/Müritz

Based in Kiel-Wik







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