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On War Service Badges, 1914 and 1915


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Two British WW1 On War Service Badges, version 1914 and 1915. These were for munitions and other indispensible workers, who for the moment were not to be conscripted, although conscription was not introduced till Janaury 1916. This was for other moral reasons, as often young men of military service age, when seen in civilian dress seemed morally obliged to volunteer for active service. A further badge was introduced in 1916, triangular in shape. Each badge had a serial number to the rear.


The 1915 badge is accompanied by a souvenir postcard depicting that emblem. The card is titled with "Hearty Greetings" - "From a Munition worker - Helping to carry on".

The text starts with:


"This is Badge proves I'm a worker,

Who can ne'er be dubbed a shirker,

And my output proves

that I have put on speed,

So with pride my Badge I'll wear

To prove I do my share -

For Country and the Lads,

when they're in need."


Unfortunately, again poor photo quality.







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