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French Edged Weapons, 19th-20th Century

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A French M.1803 heavy cavalry broadsword - Cuirassier Pallasch. Back of blade with engraving, Manufr. d'Arms de Klingenthal, Juillet 1851. At the back of the flat brass hilt quillon is a V for Versailles ordonnance stamp, further, a small B and No.29. Total length ca. 113 cm. Copper grip binding is missing, orginal grip leather. The scabbard has some pitting and has been somewhat restored and blackened by a previous collector. These weapons were also introduced into the Prussian army after 1814, captured stocks of French weapons were also used after 1870/71.

Purchased at a London arms fair in 1984.







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A French light cavalry Sabre M. 1822

Sabre de Cavallerie légère Mlle. 1822
Back of blade is engraved: M" d'Armes de Châtlt. (Châtellerault) 8bre" (octobre) 1878 = Cav.**ger Mle" 1822
Generally good condition, grip leather has spread apart at the seam due to shrinkage, drilled brass wire binding missing, with original leather buffer (Stoßleder) to protect scabbard throat. Weapon number 135 stamped to rear of hand guard. Scabbard has been blackened at some time, underlying fine pitting. Brass hilt has the remains of a protective clear varnish in places. Was worn with a white buff leather sword knot. A very heavy weapon.
Captured stocks of these weapons were permitted to be worn by all n.c.o.s in Dragoner-Regiment 1 and Ulanen-Regiment 1 after 1871 (this particular example is after 1871). It's predecessor, the old French cavalry sabre of 1803 was also previously worn by nco s of D.R.1 and U.R.1 (Beutesäbel)
Total length: 107 cm
Blade: 92 cm / 31 mm







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