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Copy SS-Panzer Jacket

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I have never been into copies, however, this is a copy, not brilliant, but good enough for re-eactment etc. of an SS-Panzer jacket.

The rank is of Hauptscharführer as per collar patches, but has the wrong shoulder boards, these are for the lower ranks, missing is the tresse and two pips each side.

This jacket I wore during the heavy winter period whilst doing my voluntary "Bundesfreiwilligendienst", a couple of years ago, and it was quite useful - however, that was of course without insignia. Since then, have fitted it out with insignia, but still missing the correct shoulder boards. The only original parts on this jacket are the shoulder buttons, they are mint originals. This item I got sent bit by bit from the UK

- they don't like that sort of things in this country. The thing about modern copy uniforms is, they make everything much too big and sloppy, people in those days were not so corpulent.

Will probably keep the jacket for a while before selling it - as a copy.

27.3.2019:  Finally got the correct shoulder straps for the jacket - ordered them by mail, took nearly 6 weeks to arrive after pre-payment, the homepage says all made in Europe and delivery between 3-5 days, when I called upto see what was happening, somebody told me on the phone that delivery can take longer, as the items have to be ordered from Pakistan! How do you like that?







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