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Regimental Standard of Husaren-Regiment 15

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Here are some illustrations of the original regimental standard of


Husaren-Regiment Königin Wilhelmina der Niederlande (Hannoversches) No. 15


stationed in Wandsbek until it's dissolution in early 1919.


The first picture is an artist's impression from a period or later illustration. The photos following are from an auction catalogue dating from April 1999. The standard had disappeared at the end of the war from it's last known place in the Town Hall in Altona. An officer had, on his own initiative, removed this and all other standards of the IX. Armee Korps and secretly hidden them. Only after his death, were the standards and flags discovered, and some of which turned up at this auction. At the time, the flag cloths were removed from the flagpole, along with all parts such as the rings and commemorative nails and the spearpoint, etc. The wooden poles (flagstaff) have not been preserved (Fahnenstock).

The flag appeared in the auction, together with the long streamer ribbon (Fahnenbänder) with bars, awarded in 1895 for the battle honours of the regiment.

Another commemorative ribbon streamer, along with the spear point and the Fahnenring with HR.15 were absent. The Fahnenring turned up many years later at the same auction house, but I believe was acquired by a different bidder. The standard is presently in a private museum devoted solely to the history of the Prussian Husar Regiments somewhere in the state of Brandenburg, and is open to the public. A further illustration shows the original ribbon streamer with the many bars for the battle honours (item far right) and the next shows an example of a Fahnenring and Fahnenspitze (point). The starting price for this was DM 32.500,-


The catalogue describes the Standard as following:


Standarte des... (as designated).......Linien-Muster 1867, schwarze Seide mit weissen Eckkeilen, bunte Stickerei. Im Mittelstück, fliegender Adler mit Bandeau "Pro Gloria et Patria", darüber Krone. Ecknamenszüge mit gekrönter Chiffre "FWR" (damals ein historischer Fehler). Silberne Fransen, etwas gedunkelt. Größe des Tuches: 45 x 44 cm, die Fransen 30 mm, dazu der Umschlag.

Das Regiment wurde errichtet am 27.September 1866 zum 30.Oktober 1866, Standarte verliehen am 24.Juni 1867, genagelt und geweiht in Berlin am 3.Juli 1867, übergeben in Düsseldorf am 7.Juli 1867.

Dazu: Band der Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 mit 15 Gefechsspangen:

Spicheren, Colombey-Nouilly, Gravelotte-St.Privat, Metz, Diedenhofen, Mezières, Longwy, Rimogne u.Tromblois, Belair u. St.Mont la Villette, Rocroy, Bugnières u.Marac, Langres, Brennes u.Bourg, Chaffois, Sombacourt.

Komplett mit Aufhängung und Endquaste.

Das oben beschriebene Standartenmuster ist für mehrere Kavallerie-Regimenter gültig, durch das hier bieligende Band der KDM 1870/71 mit aufgesetzten Gefechtsspangen ist die Zuordnung jedoch eindeutig.









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I think if i remember correctly, this standard is in the collection of the Brandenburg-Preussen-Museum in Wustrau, and is open to the public at a small fee.

If ever visiting the museum, it is advisable to check out the opening times, these can be seen in the hompage of the museum. Wustrau is northwest of Berlin





16818 Wustrau



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and here is an example of the headdress (Pelzmütze) for other ranks of Husaren-Regiment 15, the best pic. I could find so far. Compare this with the example shown under article headdress - Husaren-Regiment 16 - this being almost identical, just the Bandeau is different, with the battle honours. Both regiments wore identical headdress until 1899, when H.R.15 received the scroll with battle honours.





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