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The Battle of the Somme - 100th Anniversary, 1. July 1916


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Tomorrow is the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916. I can remember my father talking about it fifty years ago, that was then the 50th anniversary, now we have 100.

Pictures via wikipedia

Lancashire Fusiliers fix bayonets

German dead near Combles-Guillemont, September 1916


Further pictures of a restored, empty British 18 pounder shell, purchased during a W.F.A. Tour in Spring 1983 at an official kiosk at the Delville Wood Battle site. The brass fuse cap is still clearly marked with the grid numbering and a lot number 1058-1916 and B.S.C. No.85, being presumably Birmingham Small Arms Co. Thousands of these shells of all calibres must have rained down on the German positions during this period, many are still being found, some lay by the wayside, others are sold for the upkeep of the memorial site, which was given to South Africa.








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Further photos added

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Bildergebnis für butte de warlencourt

The white chalky remains of the Butte de Warlencourt surrounded by battle-scarred countryside.

View towards the Butte de Warlencourt 1916, artist's impressions

WFASomme 1983 - group.jpg

A photo of the Western Front Association on the Somme Tour at Easter 1983. John Giles (centre ) and two veterans are present, Bert Russell and Private Grover

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Battlefield Tour of the Somme - Western Front Association, 9.- 12. April 1982















1 Day 1 - No caption
2 Railway Hollow Cemetery (Sheffield Memorial Park)
3 Gommecourt
4 Gommecourt, Railway Hollow
5 Gommecourt, Railway Hollow, British trenches
6 Hébuterne?
7 Serre No.2 Cemetery with French Cemetery in background
8 Day 2 - Villers-Brettoneux, Australian/British Cemetery
9 Ovillers, British Cemetery
10 Ovillers, Lt.John Lauder
11 Albert, Place de la Mairie
12 Albert, Cathédrale
13 Pozières, Australian memorial
14 Tank Memorial, Pozières
15 Pozières
16 Pozières Mill
17 Pozières, Tank Memorial
18 Private Grover (l.) served at High Wood, Oct.1916, first return (R.Sussex Rgt.)
19 Flérs, Mémorial francais
20 Flérs, British Memorial, 41. Division
21 Newfoundland trenches at Guedecourt
22 Newfoundland monument at Guédecourt facing German lines
23 No caption
24 No caption
24 Butte de Warlencourt
25 Butte de Warlencourt
26 Day 3 - No caption
27 Lochnagar crater, La Boisselle
28 Lochnagar crater, La Boisselle
29 La Boisselle, Tyneside memorial
30 Caterpillar Valley
31 Caterpillar Valley and Thistle Dump Cemetery to High Wood
32 Delville Wood, South African memorial
33 South African Memorial direction  S.A. H.Q. dugout, Delville
34 Guards Memorial, Lesboeufs Cemetery
35 Guards Cemetery, Guinchy
36 Bert Russell, Leuze Wood
37 Fricourt, German cemetery
38 Day 4 - Aveluy Wood
39 Aveluy Wood
40 Aveluy Wood
41 Thiepval Memorial
42 Mill Road Cemetery, Schwaben Redoubt
43 Thiepval, Schwaben Redoubt, Memorial 36th Division, Ulster
44 Beaumont Hamel, Newfoundland trenches, left, Hawthorne Ridge, right, y-Ravine
45 Beaumont Hamel
46 Beaumont Hamel
47 Beaumont Hamel, Newfoundland memorial
48 Beaumont Hamel, Danger Tree in no-mans land in front of Canadian trenches


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The Tour itinerary 1982

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Fotos von vermissten Soldaten aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg

Winterberg Tunnel near Crâone. Over 200 men were trapped in the tunnel



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