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Belgian WW1 Medals

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Here, the most common examples:

Croix de Guerre, with palm

The Belgian War Medal 1914-18

The Victory Medal

The Croix de Guerre was likely inspired by the original French version.  The reverse has the monogram A for King Albert. As with the French decoration, there were palms awarded for citations. A good striking, probably Paris made, as ninety percent of Belgium was occupied.

The War Medal is on a nice original ribbon with the double steel prong mounting pins, emcountered on French and Belgian medals.

The victory medal has a ribbon, which varies from the contemporary silk ribbons, but may be an older official replacement.

Used to have more and better Belgian decorations, including the CdG and Bronze Medal of the Order of Leopold, but reduced this field many years ago. Belgian medals had inscriptions in both French and Flemish.

In second illustration is also a gold-plated bronze pin bar from a Croix de Guerre, one of the popular types of suspension for single medals, as an alternative to the double pins, these could also vary in length according to the number of decorations.






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New addition, see extended photos at beginning of article -


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