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M.36 Feldbluse for officer, infantry


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An example of an M.36 issue Feldbluse, which has been modified for wear by an officer. The tunic shows relatively light wear, mostly to the button holes. Inside stamping indicate B.40, which would have been manufactured in Berlin, 1940. Effects are possibly postwar re-applied. The shoulder straps are for an Oberleutnant of the infantry. There are loops for one decoration and for a ribbon bar. The ribbon bar, here not shown has the KVK, the Anschluss and Sudeten Medal with bar. The bellow hip pockets have been neatly stitched down for a smarter appearance, as have the cuff ends, which have been altered and closed. Possibly worn by a non combatant officer, an adjutant, or with staff attachment, etc.






Officer's breeches, standard pattern, mid to late manufacture, 1943/44 of captured Italian cloth. Buttons marked Solide Elegant. Some slight moth damage. May also be Waffen-SS.



Offizier Stiefel, private purchase, ca. 1943. Heels have been post-war replaced with rubber, should be leather and iron.


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A well matched original photo of an officer wearing exactly this modified type of blouse. He is also wearing the old soft pattern field cap. These were sometimes worn right through the war, now very rare and very expensive.


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