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Feldbluse M.40 - Nebelwerfer


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An example of a very service worn field tunic of an Unterwachtmeister (equiv. of Unterfeldwebel) of a Nebelwerfer unit. The tunic has various field repairs and was manufactured about 1941, Some stamping is just about legible. The shoulder straps with a bordeaux red piping are probably from 1943/44 and have a slightly different toned Tresse. Collar patches and breast eagle have most certainly been replaced, possibly period. The Nebelwerfer Richtschütze badge to the left lower arm is definitely period sewn. The tunic certainly saw about 3-4 years front service under hard conditions. There are loops for three decorations on left breast pocket, most certainly including a wound badge, possibly the Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen and EK.I


One photo shows the Kragenschoner - collar liner, as worn under the collar and buttoned on, inside white, outside fieldgrey. The inner collar buttons for attachment are missing.







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New photos added - 13.October 2016

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Some further details:


Detail of collar, which is in worn condition, there is also a repair under the shoulder


Details of liner, most of the internal buttons are missing, one remaining. The wearer has suffered from several wounds, the uniform has been repaired inside and out.




Details of issue stamps, unclear, M.41. Wording at top:  Pov (?) unclear if part of issue stamp, or possibly from an Eastern European or Russian theater costume company?

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