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Whats the Medal for


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Found this Commemorative Medal in a box of coins anybody know what it was for ?.post-3823-0-79106200-1463477520_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-65021100-1463477543_thumb.jpg


Looking on the internet not much info on the ship Bacchante for the years 1882-92.


There's plenty about the Royal Cruise of 1879-82 when Prince George and his brother Prince Albert served as midshipmen on this ship.


And also when the ship was sold and scrapped in 1897.

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This cased medallion of The British & Foreign Sailors' Society has their patron Prince George (later King George V) on one side. On the other side it has HMS Bacchante - the ship that George and his younger brother served on as midshipmen between the years 1879 to 1882.
Date of Issue - 1892.

The medal is of white metal and measures 38mm in diameter (1.5 inches) and is in extremely fine condition.
Obverse - Depicts the portrait of the young prince in naval uniform and the legend, "British & Foreign Sailors Society. Patron Prince George R.N.".
Reverse - Superbly detailed scene of sailing ship with the name of "Bacchante" and dates of 1882 - 92 below. Around the edge is the legend " So He Bringeth Them Unto Their Deserved Heaven. Jesus Saviour Saveth Me".

The medal comes complete with original red leather case of issue which is silk and velvet lined. Inside the lid is an official ink stamp of the society. The case is in good condition and retains its brass fasten.

This Baccante was launched in 1876 and remained in commission until sold for scrap in 1897.

These medals were sold by the society in order to raise funds for their naval charity.


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Interesting info, thanks Kenny, we learn something new every day :thumbsup:

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Some extra information.


Prince Albert Victor eldest son of future King Edward V11 ( 1901-1910 ) on the 3rd December 1891 proposed marriage

to princess Mary of Teck at the country residence of the Danish Ambassador to Britain.

The wedding was set for 27th Feb 1892 but six weeks later Prince Albert Victor fell ill with influenza during the influenza

pandemic of 1889-92. He developed Pneumonia and died on 14th Jan 1892 leaving his Brother Prince George 2nd in

line to the throne, George had only just recovered himself from a serious illness after being confined to bed for 6 weeks

with Typhoid Fever eventually succeeding to the throne as George V in 1910.

Prince George later married Princess Mary himself in 1893 after they became close during the mourning period of his

brother Albert Victor.


Here are a few photo's.


Pic 1. Of Prince Albert Victor in 1891.


Pic 2. Of Princess Mary of Teck.


Pic 3. Of King George V ( right ) and his cousin Tsar Nicholas II wearing German military uniforms in Berlin before WW1.post-3823-0-86799900-1463754093_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-41862200-1463754112_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-57574500-1463754129_thumb.jpg

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Interestingly enough, Niki and George V are both wearing Prussian uniforms of regiments, of which they were honorary Commander in Chief. Nicki was "Chef" of Husaren-Regiment Kaiser Nikolaus II.von Russland (Westphälisches) Nr.8 in Paderborn, and George was Commander in Chief of Kürassier-Regiment Graf Gessler (Rheinisches) Nr.8 in Deutz - both regiments wore the monogram of their chiefs on the shoulder pieces. This photo was probably taken in Berlin in Summer 1913 during the wedding ceremony for Ernst-August of Braunschweig and Prinzessin Viktoria Luise of Prussia, the only daughter of the Kaiser. That was the last "get-together" of the European Crowned Heads before WW1.

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