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Passierschein, Soviet Zone, 1947

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Passierschein, Soviet Zone, 1947

Passierschein in German and Russian, issued by the Soviet Stadtkommandant or Ortskommandantur in Chemnitz in December 1947 for crossing the Zone Border for a return home to Hamburg at the latest by 18.12.1947. In later years the function of this document was fulfilled by a Transit Visum.
Liesel Neusüß was on a visit to Chemnitz (Saxony), which lay in the postwar Soviet Zone SBZ (Sowjetischische Besatzungszone). In the early postwar days you could travel around with the relevant papers into the Soviet Occupied Zone, entirely at your own risk. It was not unusual for people being abducted and disappearing. Soviet Greifkommandos were constantly roving around for many years, until the borders of the Iron Curtain finally closed. Liesel Neusüß had known the Guttmann family, who came from near Chemnitz (Hartmannsdorf), since their wartime days in Langenlebarn, and both their families had together faced the ordeal of returning home as refugees.
This document I photographed several years ago. Liesel had kept this with her papers for so many years. The papers then remained with the grandchildren. I hope these will be well looked after.
Chemnitz was later re-named Karl-Marx-Stadt. After 1990 it was officially Chemnitz again.


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