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For God and Kaiser

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There is a new book out For God and Kaiser: The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619:1918


The Austrian Army is rather overlooked for the Prussian and later German army to the north and the French off to the side. Often seen as incompetent the book first takes a stab at a area of western military history completely overlooked, and second paints it in a new light. Basically the argument goes the Austrians had a 'live to fight another day' mentality at all times - which is what preserved the empire for so long. It was an army there to preserve the empire at the will of the emperor, not to preserve a nation state.


Sure book has mistakes and issues. And very biased against the French, Germans, Italians.... basically anyone not Austrian. But it is a brilliant read and goes into decent detail of uniform and weapons development as well. So if you like Hussars, the military fronteer, big continental battles and an explination of the 'old man of Europe'... it's not too bad at all.

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There are also a couple of brilliant publications by "Verlag Militar" ia Vienna, both in English and in German: "The Emperor's Coat in WW1" and mit "Blankem Säbel" (edged weapons), and several others. Rather pricy and cost about 95 Euros each title. Each book has good detailed colour photos of original items from museums and renowned sources.

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