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Husaren-Regiment 15 in Wandsbek


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Thank you so very much. Now for a few nights translating work.

I do not know what your museum looks for.  However, we do have a postcard of the Wilhelm Gustlof dated July 31, 1938.  My wife's grandfather had taken her mother to Hamburg for a sight seeing trip from Schwerin and the card recounts what all they had seen, including the Gustloff.   Luckily my mother in law and I scanned all of the family postcards and she translated them as I cannot read the Handschrifte.  If this would interest you or the museum, I would be happy to send you a scan.


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We would greatly appreciate if you could send a scan of the Gustloff, you could also post it on this page, from where we can copy it.

Our museum deals with the history of the city of Wandsbek, now a suburb of Hamburg and it's surrounds, and also Husaren-Regiment 15, which was stationed in Wandsbek from 1871-1919.

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Here they are.

Information on persons in Postcard of Wilhelm Gustlof.

Johann Joachim Wilhelm Gaedert was born May 23, 1881 in Dassow, Mecklenberg, Germany, and died December 19, 1940 in Schwerin, Germany.  He served in the 17th Reserve Field Artillery in WWI and was gassed by Arras in August 1917.  An Accountant by profession, he became an Ortleiter in the DAF.  It is possible that the trip to Hamburg was related to the DAF as we have several other post cards sent by him from various training schools.  

My mother in law said her father decided they would be home before the postcard arrived, so he saved the postage and simply hand delivered it. They went aboard it, and she recounted how beautiful the ship was.

The note on the bottom left is from my mother in law, then aged 16, Hildegard Charlotte Bertha Elsa Gaedert Winkler, born on December 8, 1922 in Schwerin and passed away on June 30, 2010 in Paradise, California.

English translation of postcard

Hamburg, July 31, 1938
Dear Mother [his wife]
We have seen a lot by beautiful weather.  The outer Alster River, the inner Alster, the Lombard’s bridge, interesting parts of the city, the harbor, with the Wilhelm Gustloff, which we have on the picture, the youth hostel, is what all we saw.  We saw the St. Pauli’s pier, the Elbe Tunnel, etc.  Heartfelt greetings to you and Ursel, Heil Hitler, Vati

Note from Omi at bottom, “Greetings to both of you from Hildi”

Wilhlem Gustloff 001.jpg

Wilhlem Gustloff back of card.jpg

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These photos were sent just now from Holland. Some of these are from the Album of Leutnant von Sydow. These are to appear in a new book to be published in 2022 by a Herr B. Many thanks to H.K.


















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An undated postcard purchased by H.K. in Holland, kindly sent this image. This looks like a reduction of the large collages produced by Foto Scholz in Wandsbek.

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Hannoversches Dragoner-Regiment 9 (Metz), one of the Reservists with the Ersatz-Eskadron, posted to Husaren-Regiment 15 in Wandsbek, to stock up the regiment, 1914/15, the Reserve-Husaren-Regiment 6 was raised.
"Einen letzten Gruß aus der Garnison Wandsbek
sendet Dir Otto.
Morgen früh gehts zur Somme
Lebt alle wohl
Auf Wiedersehen"

He is still wearing the full peacetime uniform, but with an infantry belt in place of the whitened leather cavalry belt. These uniforms were worn until they were sent to the front, shortly before, they would get the new fieldgrey uniforms. This unit was redesignated Reserve-Husaren-Regiment 6 being raised by Husaren-Regiment 15.
Previous uniform: Light cornflower blue dragoon tunic, white facings, yellow metal buttons, shoulder pieces with monogram. Dragoon helmet with yellow metal fittings, bandeau: Waterloo-Peninsula-Göhrde

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An invitation to the 25th anniversary celebration of the war 1870/71 for 13. and 14. December 1895 in Reisner's Hotel, Wandsbek, for guests and veterans, this example for Herrn Leutnant der Landwehr Dr. Danzel, Hochwohlgeborenen
(sent by the veterans' association of H.R.15)
copy kindly sent by H.K. in Holland.

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Fritz,  Thanks again for getting the pages of the 15ths history relating to Nery.    Everything I have found on this is from the English standpoint, and has given few details on the German side.  The German advance to Nery and its escape is quite remarkable, in that most of them rode 75 km in 50 hours and fought a battle - without sleep.   I now have all but two of the regimental histories.  Do you perhaps have any letters or diaries in your collection that would cover the time period 30.8 - 3.9?

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Here are two word document files, from the diary of Wilhelm Dölken,
part 1 and 2, these appear on a separate topic under the history forum - the rest was unfortunately never published after 1933.
The second part covers the period up till around 9. September from his personal experiences, double click to open files:


Husar.Wilhelm Dölken.docx Husar.Wilhelm Dölken (2).docx


A further file is from the personal records of Husar Hans Neumann, 4. Eskadron, Belgium, from 1. August 1914:

Husar.Hans Neumann 4 Esk. Hus.15 Belgien.docx

For further information, the regimental history is recommended. As I have no further information than that quoted here and in other topics in the Forum.

A further private account by Arthur Klenke, Unteroffizier, 5.E., H.R.15
as from around 8. September:

Husaren.Zwischen Ourcq und Aisne.docx

Here is an extract from a short history of the regiment in the war, with brief coverage of the events till 14. November, when the regiment was transferred to the Eastern Front:






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Thank you very much.  You had already posted the more detailed history, and I have now collected all but one of the regimental histories of the 4th Cavalry Division that was at Nery. I got miles and kilometers mixed up in the prior post.  They rode 125 km (75 miles) in 50 hours.


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You can also contact "Ritmeester" on this forum, he has probably one of the biggest collections of original publications, documents, photos and material on Husaren-Regiment 15

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Wandsbecker Bote
official news bulletin from 6. November 1903
featuring the visit of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
to Wandsbek
(From the Royal House Archive of the Netherlands)




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