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Prussia, Kürass, Heavy Cavalry Breast- and Backplate


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Prussian Heavy Cavalry Breast- and Backplate

A Kürass of the Prussian heavy Cavalry, as worn by all eight line regiments. The breast and backplate have both original rough white linen liner, the breastplate has a large pocket in the liner for the field cap. There is a cloth name tag attached, Kürassier Lindau, Kür.8, 5. Esk. Both steel pieces are stamped under the left armpit with regiimental details, at slight variance:
8.K. 2.E. the 2E has been stroked out and replaced by 5.E.30, being the 5th squadron, weapon no.30. The backplate has 8.K. 5.E. and a weapon no.31. The piece is undated, but can be dated between 1888 - 1914. In the 1850s new cuirasses were made to replace the old models from the Napoleonic Wars, mostly of captured French stock. In 1888 the cuirass was abolished for field service and retained only for ceremonial occasions. New cuirasses were then introduced, being of a thin leightweight steel, no longer protective. The cuirasse was then officially abolished in January 1916 with the old coloured peacetime uniforrms. The cuirasse was always worn with a white leather shoulder bandelier with black cartridge box, or Kartuschkasten. This was fitted with a round brass medallion with the Prussian eagle and trophies A broadsword or Pallasch was worn. The example shown belonged to Kürassier-Regiment Graf Gessler (Rheinisches) No.8, of whom King George V was the last honorary commander in chief. This regiment wore a white Koller with bright green facings and yellow metal buttons, the shoulder straps bore the crowned monogram of King George V..

The cuirasse is displayed with a helmet of Kürassier-Regt.2, not matching.







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Another earlier snap from my photo archive, showing the correctly worn cuirasse, with bandelier and Kartuschkasten


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