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Reichsbahn Verkehrsdirektion Insignia for the Occupied Territories


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Deutsche Reichsbahn, besetzte Gebiete


HVD Brüssel - Hauptverkehrsdirektion
WVD Brüssel - Wehrmachts Verkehrsdirektion



Reichsbahn Verkehrsdirektion, arm eagle for personnel of traffic direction of the Deutsche Reichsbahn Direktion (Railways)
Wehrmachts Verkehrsdirektion Paris
RVD Kiew (Ukraine). From unused Bevo stocks.


RVD Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). Has probably been removed from a uniform, looks as though it has been washed or cleaned after long storage


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  • Fritz changed the title to Reichsbahn Verkehrsdirektion Insignia for the Occupied Territories


Here is an interesting link found for Uniforms and Insignia of the Reichsbahn


Single Militärfahrkarte from Rendsburg to Königsberg via Hamburg-Berlin-Ferchau-Marienburg, for one officer, costing RM 40,20 Pf.,
at a distance of 999 km, 9. January 1938

The Reichsbahn is part of the Front! Saving space - every wagon is to be overloaded by up to 2000 kilo over the maximum weight!
Räder müssen rollen für den Sieg!


Rail network for diesel locomotives, 1939

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This example arrived today, a few have turned up recently, otherwise rare to find.



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