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WW1 Countess of Lyttons Hospital Gift 1917


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It is with great pride and humility,
I bring to the members attention a little known ,
Christmas gift for our service men in ww1,
everyone knows about the " princess mary tin etc,,
but this is slightly different , in as much as it was given to the patients ,...
at countess Lytton's hospital in London,
details below
Lytton Hospital
Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, Mayfair, W1J 5ED
Medical dates:
1914 - 1918
In 1914 Dartmouth House, the family home of Lord Dartmouth (the 6th Earl of Dartmouth), became a Red Cross military hospital for officers, affiliated to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital at Millbank.

The Hospital, under the supervision of Lady Lytton, had 45 beds, later increased to 75. The walnut panelling of the walls and the marble fireplaces were boarded up for protection for the duration of the war.
The Hospital closed in 1918.
countess Lytton had a chequered life by all accounts
this is one of the rarer known gifts, and is very personal ,
as the subsequent recipient put his name in it ,
A/402 H. Penbeithy a/b Hawke Batt Royal Naval Division dated 25 December 1917 from the Countess Of Lytton's Hospital 1917,
its so special to me, to be able to bring another name from the past,
into recognition in the 21st century.,
welcome A.B .
A/402 H. Penbeithy a/b Hawke Batt Royal Naval Division
YOU are amongst friends now.........................

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picture 4 shows an aerial view of "long ashton near Bristol"

where harry was born on the 26th of December 1894,

the next 4 show Harrys service docs ,

which being R N D are hard to find









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